A Week of Firsts

As a parent, firsts become rarer and rarer as your kids get older. This week we happened to have two fun ones at once!


A Week of Firsts

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As Betsy and I near closing out our fifth year of being parents, it’s becoming clear that there are fewer and fewer firsts in our future. First steps. The first bite of fill-in-the-blank. First movies and experiences. All of the boxes get checked as the kiddos get older.

But, we had two really fun firsts last week, and I thought I’d share some pictures from the firsts!

Theo’s First Day of School

We have been looking forward to this day for a while. Theo has been in the same daycare for four years and while we have really liked it, he was outgrowing it for sure and ready for a change.

The change has been great for him, but definitely harder on our family. For one, we now have to drop kids off at two locations. For us, this is a big adjustment and one we are still working on!

Darby is also having a rough time with the transition. She misses having her “Bro-Bro” at school with her and is learning about the emotion called “jealousy” as she sees him go off to a new school every day.

Also, check out that cool backpack! (And check out her jealous side-eye.)

Sweet pack, bro.

He wanted a spiderman backpack but Betsy and I decided to get him something a bit more generic (and sturdier) that he can hopefully use for a few years. We just got him some fun keychains for stuff he likes (basketball, spidey, transformers) that he can hang from his backpack. That seemed like a better way to go than buying a new backpack every year!

Looking good.

He loves his new class already though and I can tell he is really going to blossom there. *Queue Proud Dad Tears!*

One struggle with the transition though is LUNCHES. We have been completely pampered over the last few years and his daycare has provided lunch for him every day. (All for the low low price of a second mortgage payment).

But turns out Denver Public Schools aren’t gonna feed the dude for free. So I’m making school lunches!

I’m going to try to document some of the fun ones (probably 2-3 each week) in my Instagram Stories so follow along there to check out what kinds of lunches we dream up! Hint: They will be very normal. No crazy bento box business will be seen.

Here’s an example of one of his lunches from last week.

Lunch time!

Darby’s First Camping Trip

After our first week of school for Theo, we also took our first camping trip as a family of four! We usually go a few times each summer but we just haven’t been able to get our ducks in a row since Darby was born. It was a priority this summer to get her out in a tent though!

We found a great camping spot that wasn’t too far from Denver and spent exactly one night under the stars.

Climb high little ones.

We brought Porter the Poodle, obviously, to protect us from Whiney Bears.

Whiney Bears, in case you didn’t know, are a breed of bear that is attracted to the whining of little children. You do NOT want to attract a Whiney Bear because it will eat all your S’More ingredients.

Poodle love.

When it got to be dinner time, I got to teach Theo how to safely build a fire. We got lucky with the sun and actually made one with a magnifying glass. SCIENCE!


For dinner, I cooked the kiddos hot dogs and made some beer brats for me and Betsy. I love cooking over an open fire. It’s very challenging, but it’s something I look forward to when we camp.

Dinner time.

Of course, S’Mores were had by all for dessert.

Don’t worry. That’s not blood on Theo’s forehead. It’s ketchup.


The only downside of camping this time was Darby basically didn’t sleep at all in the tent. This meant, of course, that we also didn’t sleep at all. She had lots of concerns about her blankets, noises, etc.

Ultimately, she passed out and proceeded to take a nap in the tent at like 9 am the next day. Morning tent naps are the best!

Morning naps.

We are going to have a crazy Fall schedule at House Macheesmo thanks to all the school changes, but the first week went really well and I’m so proud of both of my kiddos for tackling these two firsts with great attitudes.

Enjoy the “firsts,” parents! They get fewer and farther between.

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  1. Being able to have those ‘firsts’ with your kids is really awesome. I remember when my oldest started school last year, a combination excitement and realisation they are starting to grow up. Well done on keeping the lunch healthy!

  2. Theo looks so much like you!
    I don’t think anyone ever runs out of firsts, they just might be a little less obvious and oftentimes, more subtle as we age. So, just keep paying attention. :)

  3. Just for the record, I am clueless in getting the PIN (something) on the giveaway page. It’s likely just me, but darn. Should I know? (=

    1. Hi Nick,quite an interesting read. I love the idea of the fun key chains attached to the backpack. Isn’t it awesome that you share both food tips and parenting tips as well… You are doing an amazing job blogging about food and your recipes are the easiest to follow.
      I came across your food blog sometime last year when I wanted to start a healthy dine in. Your blog is constantly open on my browser and I subscribe to your blog as well. I really do love how simple you and Betsy live. In all I just want to say thank you for sharing a part of you with us. You are family now.
      From an avid follower in Nigeria.

  4. Love the Whiney bears. Our daughter would not sleep. After watching Cinderella, we told her that the pumpkins would come get her because they couldn’t turn back into mice if she didn’t go to bed at midnight. It worked and Pumpkin Hour was born. She is now 20 and laughs at how we “terrorized” her.

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