A Reader Giveaway!

A Thanksgiving Giveaway

Well, it’s almost time for the annual bring-your-stretchy-pants holiday!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend. I’m gonna be spending the weekend cooking, playing with my little dude, and possibly having a cocktail. The big question for me this weekend will be: Can you deep-fry a turkey while it’s snowing? We shall find out!

I’m going to take off the weekend from posting, but in the meantime, two quick things.

Tasty Food Live!

I’ve started a new LIVE show with Chris from Dan330.com. It’s called Tasty Food Live and we host it on a fun new website called BLAB. We chat every week about, well, food. Sometimes there are cooking demos and we try to have a special guest every week.

Our show this week is TODAY (WEDNESDAY) at 2pm Eastern Time. All you need to watch the show is this link. If you’ve never seen a blab before, definitely check it out. It’s really easy to join the conversation and ask a question while you are watching! It’s a blast!

This week we’ll be chatting with Lily from Kale and Caramel about all things Thanksgiving, but mostly what to do with all the leftovers!

Assuming technology works, I’ve tried to embed the show below, but if that isn’t working, you can definitely watch it HERE.

A Reader Giveaway!

Okay. One more quick thing! A Thankful giveaway! What am I thankful for? Well, a bunch this year (like a child), but I’m always thankful for you lovely readers. It still makes me blush to think that people read Macheesmo everyday and even, sometimes, try the recipes!


Just some of my favorite kitchen stuff!

One Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
One Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale 
One Ultra-Fast Javelin Digital Thermometer

To spread the love, I’ll pick three winners on Sunday (29th) at 9PM Eastern Time. The winners will get to pick which gift they want in the order I draw them.

HOW TO ENTER: All you have to do to enter is live in the US and leave a comment with what you are cooking (or what you cooked) for Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day all!

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  1. My daughter & son in law live in Denver and they have deep fried turkeys for 23 years regardless of the weather. Their friends make appointments to fry their turkeys so it is a bit production for two days and makes good use of the oil. I think the taste is superior to any other turkey and so fast. They also do chickens. Looking forward to BLAB!

  2. I’m in charge of making the desserts this year but my family and our guests always wants the same things regardless of what I try to tempt them with: trifle, smores bars, key lime squares.

  3. I help by making desserts… so pumpkin and pecan pie today. Thanks so much. I have enjoyed several of your recipes this year plus enjoy seeing your son grow thru pictures..

  4. We’re hosting this year (yikes!) – so we are in charge of everything (Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.) except for the desserts. Wish us luck!

  5. I am not hosting this year so I am making mashed potatoes…and the star of the whole pre-dinner feast, the Macheesmo Buffalo Chicken Dip. So good it gets requested every year.

  6. I’m doing the whole meal for five people. But we keep it very low-key. In fact, we cheat and buy the dressing– mine is always hit or miss, so we buy it from a local restaurant and hedge our bets. Mine is either too dense or too crumbly, and since my hubby’s Thanksgiving is made or broken by the dressing, I pay for a pan of it and move on. I know I’m a decent cook– but I also know my limits!

  7. My mom and dad are hosting this year, but the rest of us bring dishes to fill out the feast. I am trying a new-to-me recipe this year with sweet potatoes – stuffed apple and bacon sweet potato casserole – that I saw on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I am thinking anything with bacon and onion should be really really tasty :). Happy Thanksgiving!

    PS – I am thankful for your chili gravy recipe <3

  8. I am in charge of pies (pumpkin and pecan), so tonight is pie crust night and tomorrow morning, my oven gets a workout! Pies just taste so much better when 1. homemade, and 2. eaten on Thanksgiving (and the days after) with family and friends. Yum. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Also, @AMY MARA – I don’t know why I find your ice cube comment so funny, but I am laughing so hard right now my sides hurt. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Everything! Turkey, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, chocolate pie, apple pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes. And most importantly, turkey nachos with leftovers :)

  10. Not hosting for the first time in 6 years, so grateful for that. I’m making pumpkin and pecan pie, Jello salad, and sweet potatoes.

  11. I am making everything this year….I’m exhausted already, but my favorite part of the meal besides the cornbread stuffing, is I’m making a mixed nuts pie with homemade cinnamon ice cream. I should have just enough stretch in my pants to put a big slice of this in my piehole.

  12. The list of what was to be on the Thanksgiving table already seemed pretty full, so I will be making a sour cream coffee cake for Friday morning.

  13. This year I am making chocolate breakfast buns for brunch with my family, and gingerbread cake and pretzel rolls for dinner with my in-laws. I am also helping my husband make pumpkin and apple pies (for his and my family, respectively). I am an excellent apple peeler/prepper!

  14. We are going to our daughter-in-law’s mother’s home for Thanksgiving dinner with her huge family! I’m going to bring along a Potato Three Cheese Dauphinoise scalloped potatoes in a big casserole. Also a Pumpkin Pie Cake that has traditional pumpkin pie filling but it’s cooked with a yellow cake mix so it makes a very large dessert. Still have to cook Thanksgiving dinner at my house on Saturday for my family by request! That’s okay-we love to have the leftovers, too!

  15. Turkey, mashed potatoes, lefsa, and an undecided veggie?! My family is pitching in with the other delicious parts for our feast. Hoping to bundle up for cold kick ball game at the park before our meal.

  16. I’m making sweet potato casserole and cornbread dressing for my in-laws. Of course I traveled without my holiday cookbook and grandmother’s notes, so here’s hoping my improvising works out! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  17. We are making bacon wrapped, goat cheese stuffed dates to go along with traditional fare.. They are amazing.

  18. I always take something to my mom’s. Last year my brussel sprout casserole was such a huge hit, they’ve asked me to do it again! Sauteed in bacon fat, added in with heavy cream, white cheddar, bacon, breadcrumbs and baked. Oh my. I’ve turned sprout haters into lovers! Happy thanksgiving!

  19. I’m already cooking! I’ve made pie and cranberry sauce! I’m also making cranberry fluff, turkey, dressing, roasted sweet potatoes, noodle kugel, and green bean casserole!

  20. Chicken liver pate, turkey & noodles, cranberry sauce. Roasted Brussels sprouts, butternut squash

  21. I am having prime rib,roast turkey,dressing,sweet potato casserole,shrimp cocktail,blue cheese and bacon potato gratin,
    roasted root veggies,pies and cakes!come on over.SMILE

  22. Turkey, ham, pumpkin bars, peppermint popcorn, and a cranberry cream cheese dip. It’s what I’m cooking and bringing to our gathering :)

  23. We had a “Thanksgiving” with my in-laws last weekend. I made mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie, and turkey cutlets with parmesan crust from the Skinnytaste blog. Surprisingly the stuffing was the only thing that disappointed me–guess I’ll just stick with the cheap stuff from a box. ;-)

  24. Turkey, ham, homemade stuffing, Brussel sprouts, homemade gravy, mashed potatoes, candied yams, and homemade pies and cheesecake.

  25. This Thanksgiving we, myself, my wife, and son, will be celebrating this evening with flank steak and snow crab clusters, spaghetti salad, fresh early peas, baked potatoes, Cherry pie and Pumpkin pie. My wife has to work tomorrow so my son and I are going to some friends house for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. Turkey, cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, gravy and cranberry sauce!

  27. We’re not hosting, so I’m taking macaroni and cheese, my mother in law’s famous sausage stuffing, corn pudding, and a pumpkin crumb cake. Can’t wait for my mom’s mashed potatoes!

  28. Just the Hubs and I this year. Keeping it somewhat simple…yeah, right, lol. Apple cornbread stuffing stuffed turkey breast roulade wrapped in bacon and glazed with cranberry sauce, then smoked (if it doesn’t rain). Didn’t have the time to beer brine it this year, but it will still be good. I do the rest of my stuffing in the crockpot, I have sourdough hawaiian bread dough to make rolls, cabernet cranberry sauce, maple bacon green beans and the Hubs will make his awesome mashed potatoes. Usually I make pecan pie cheesecake and a cherry pie for dessert, but this year with it just being us two, I am just doing the cherry pie. ;-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

  29. I had a baby this year too, and said I wasn’t cooking a big meal because there’s no way I’d get it all done while taking care of the baby. I couldn’t resist, I’m cooking everything I normally do: Honduran-style carne molida stuffed turkey, ham, arroz con vegetales, deviled eggs, orange cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. I just had to start prepping two days early this year:)

    BTW I’m totally enjoying reading the baby updates. Mine is 8 months, so you’re giving me good ideas.

  30. my streching pants are already on, LOL! happy thanksgiving…stay warm as CO is getting hit with another frozen tundra temperatures!

  31. Appys (including caramelized bacon), horseradish cranberry sauce, and chocolate pecan pie – can’t wait! and cocktails, definitely cocktails!!

  32. Im making a mess in my kitchen. LOL. I really enjoy making stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce.

  33. The standards plus for starters, creamy parmesan Italian soup and for dessert, cherry almond galette with all the Thansgiving favorites in between!

  34. Making the works for all the grandchildren! From the Turkey to the Pies!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Nick!!

  35. I am making apple and pumpkin pie, maple balsamic brussels sprouts with pumpkin seeds, duck breast, homemade green bean casserole. etc. We are going to be stuffed

  36. My wife and I are cooking traditional items; turkey, stuffing, and such. We always try to come up with something new and this year we’re adding bbq bacon chestnuts for an appetizer. We hope everyone’s Thanksgiving will be as blessed as ours is.

  37. I make a mean pumpkin cheesecake. And turkey with a Jamaican flair. Can’t wait to chow down!

  38. I’ll make cornbread dressing for the two of us. When we lived in Kansas in 1957, a teacher friend made bread dressing. What a surprise!

  39. Just cooking the sides this year: Cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, kale & cabbage salad, apple pie

  40. I’m traveling to Germany on thanksgiving, but I did make a batch of sweet potato marshmallows as a thank you to my best friend for driving me to the airport.

  41. Sharing cooking duties with my daughter in law and son. We will do the traditional Turkey Day dinner, but, I wish I had seen the Black Forest Sheet Cake recipe before I did a pumpkin cheesecake, but there is always Christmas right around the corner!!! Love your blog, I am a displaced Denverite at the present time, and you keep me connected through your blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  42. My family of four is headed to the SoCal home of our 16 year old’s best friend for the first time, which should be fun for us NE transplants. We’re bringing MacIntosh apple pie, garlic mashed potatoes and balsamic glazed Brussel sprouts. Hope you and Betsy and the little dude have a lovely time!

  43. Pumpkin merengue pie! Thanks for the great recipes. Love the new newsletter format. Enjoy your family!

  44. Doing it all (control freak). Wish me luck, going to the grocery store today. So I guess I’m a control freak and a procrastinator. Then back home to make pies and rolls. Hope I don’t eat them all before the big day.

  45. My kids and grandchildren are coming tomorrow and I’m cooking everything except the German Chocolate Cake my SIL Jason is baking and bringing. I have a 23 pound turkey in a dry brine and we’re having mashed potatoes, gravy, sage dressing, Jason’s yams, green bean casserole, a relish tray, crescent rolls and the cake and a pumpkin pie. I cook most everything ahead except the turkey and rolls and serve it buffet style so I can spend my day with my family.
    I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Be happy and be thankful.

  46. Since I am going to my aunts i do not need to cook too much. I am making baked brie and a burrata arugala salad

  47. We’re having smoked ham and a smoked turkey breast. Gets me outside on the deck and away from my mother-in-law!

  48. We are going to a council of churches community dinner, but I will still make a butternut squash casserole and have a pie of soe sort, along with munchable veggies.

  49. I’m making turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, gravy and roasted brussel sprouts.. guests are bringing the rest!! Happy Thanksgving!!

  50. I’m in charge of the sweet potatoes. Couldn’t decide which type so I’ll be doing a casserole and roasted!

  51. I am in emergency services so no Thanksgiving cooking for me this year. However, my wonderful superiors are treating us to a complete dinner from Luby’s Cafeteria. I am grateful for my life and being able to provide service to the public. And I’m grateful for unselfish people like you who make life easier (and more interesting). Thanks!!

  52. I’m making cranberries and chess pie and Chex mix-all the things I introduced to my husband’s family at our first thanksgiving over 20 years ago!

  53. I’m hosting, making turkey, cranberries, and carbs (and more carbs). Tonight, for something totally different (flavor-wise, not carb-wise), is pizza from Mark Bittman’s final column (usu. I use your pizza dough recipe). Happy Thanksgiving, all.

  54. Making pumpkin pie in a 9×13 baking dish without the crust. So, I guess it’s really a pumpkin custard. That is for tomorrow but we are all going out to dinner this evening to celebrate. My group has a lot of diverse food problems and we have found a restaurant that can accommodate us all. Then we get together again tomorrow to celebrate with dessert.

  55. I am making appetizers. Tomato skewers and a cheese ball. Fortunately, someone else is doing the heavy cooking!

  56. I am Thankful that my husband made it through a serious health issue earlier this year. I’m Thankful for the 16 years our dog gave us before crossing the rainbow bridge in March. I’m thankful for my two brothers, (one of whom became a 2nd time widower), that are still in my life.

    I’m thankful that despite a crap-tastic year, I’m still standing!

    I will be making the sweets and making some of the vegetables. Sweets will be an Apple crisp pie (an experiment), a first ever pumpkin pie (for the father in law), and possibly a banana pudding. And some sugar cookie-snickerdoodles.

  57. I’m alone this year so friends have invited me to enjoy Thanksgiving with their 16 member family who are visiting for the holiday. I’m so grateful for such good friends. They’ve said not to bring a thing, but an extra desert is OK, right?

  58. I’m cooking the whole thing – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, veg, pies, rolls for the family.

  59. I’m making all the standards, but I think the crown jewel of Thanksgiving will be bourbon ginger pecan pie!

  60. It’s just me and my mom, and she has Alzheimer’s. So she can only eat by picking up her hands or fingers, no silverware anymore. She’s never been fond of turkey, and the simplest thing I can make is fish sandwiches! Bake up some cod with a few spices, put it between an english muffin and there you go! She will get some fresh fruit to eat while I make a quick stir fry of veggies. Dessert? Brownies!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all!

    1. Sarah C, my heart goes out to you and your mom. I lost a grandmother to the disease. I also am living with my father in law who is in the beginning middle stages of the disease too.

      Should you ever want to chat, send me an email.

    2. Sarah C, my heart goes out to you and your mom. I lost a grandmother to the disease. I also am living with my father in law who is in the beginning middle stages of the disease too.

      Should you ever want to chat, send me an email.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  61. I am visiting with family so I don’t have to cook the whole meal, but I am bringing cornbread casserole.

  62. Couldn’t afford the flight to my film’s place this year so I’m cooking for myself and anyone else who’s still around. I got a turkey breast and stuffing ready to go. The rest of the feast depends on who else shows up.

  63. I’ll be making the cranberry sauce and our family’s traditional “candy turkeys.” Happy Thanksgiving!

  64. I baked a New York style cheesecake and will pair it with sour cherries I canned in the summer. I also made cranberry sauce that competes with the can. My hubby prepares the only dressing I like to eat and makes a once-a-year-only creamed mushroom dish that we look forward to. We are heading to our friends’ house where all of the regular standbys (turkey, mashed, sweet, veggies, etc.) will be on hand. It will be a good time! Happy Thanksgiving!

  65. I’m making butternut gratin, goat cheese mashed potatoes, and roasted carrots to bring to our family celebration. Happy TG!

  66. Instead of the usual pie I am working on your recipe for Belgian White Ale cookies. Got the recipe in Sift magazine. So far the ale is yummy!
    Also going to try a new recipe for Brussel Sprouts: Brussels sprouts with lemon, thyme, crème fraiche, and pistachios. It’s in the latest issue of Fine Cooking. The family is definitely tired of the same old, same old! So here goes!!
    Have a Happy!

  67. Potato Rolls and Apple Pie. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and thanks for a great blog!

  68. I’m making rolls, French apple cake, and sautéed green beans with mushrooms and caramelized cipollini onions!

  69. I’m making your currant and walnut banana bread for Thanksgiving! It is such a favorite that we decided to be unconventional and make it. :)

  70. We’re heading to my hometown for Thanksgiving, and I’m taking the lazy (but delicious) route of bringing some Jeni’s ice cream :)

  71. I’m cooking all the usuals — garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, turkey, etc. — except that I have a whole smoked ham that I’m going to break down and debone myself that I’m really looking forwards to roasting!

  72. I’ll be making a very traditional Thanksgiving feast: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, green beans, and my favorite – pecan pie!

  73. There’s only two of us, so we won’t be having a big turkey feast. We’re actually planning on pizza this year.

  74. Happy early Thanksgiving! I’ll be making macaroni and cheese for two Thanksgiving dinners. Everyone usually loves it so it’s almost no fail. I’m sure your fried turkey will be amazing!

  75. Chocolate pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cornbread sage dressing, dry brined turkey, sweet potato casserole, fresh green beans, Waldorf salad, squash casserole. For 4 people.

  76. My mother-in-law handles all of the heavy lifting for Thanksgiving (I get Christmas), but I will be making a spinach-feta-and-cranberry salad

  77. This is the first year in 9 years I have today off of work – so I’m making a small 6 pound apple brined turkey with bacon-roasted brussels sprouts and butternut squash with cornbread stuffing and a whole wheat maple pumpkin pie! Super easy menu and making everything only enough for two plus a little extra…except for the pie. That’s full size. Well and the turkey. Okay never mind.

  78. What a great giveaway! I’m in my mid-20s and managed to claim Thanksgiving as “my” holiday last year as I love to cook. This year I’m cooking up an apple cider brined turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, stuffing, butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, PW’s burgundy mushrooms, as well as a smorgasbord of fun (cheesy) apps and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. Lots of work but tons of fun- especially with a big pitcher of sangria in the fridge ;)

  79. I just made my usual cranberry, blueberry sauce (recipe over at the Averie Cooks blog!). It is delicious, and I get it all to myself because no one at my husband’s family’s T-Day table likes cranberry sauce but me!!

  80. All organic… Butternut Squash Soup, Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Roasted Winter Veggies with Chickpeas and Savory Bread Pudding. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am thankful for your wonderful blog and the inspiration it brings to always try something new! Huggies!

  81. I am making cranberries & apple chutney, home made green bean casserole from scratch !!!…Of course a bit of turkey breast style, roasted sweet potatoes and shrimp cocktail !!!…Happy Thanksgiving to all


    could use the digital thermometer as we are having a Turducken– and cookiing at low temps–
    winging it :–))


  83. I made the traditional whole-nine-yards turkey dinner, but the best part was the leftover stuffing that I fried until crisp as a little treat for myself. Yum!

    1. Tierney, that sounds delish! Would you share your recipe? Thank you, and I hope your Turkey Day was awesome!

  84. I made Italian sausage stuffing made with King’s Hawaiian rolls, and a baked sweet potato and apples dish for dinner at my daughter’s place. It was a terrific day!

  85. Well, I got stranded overnight in my truck the day before thanksgiving (did not even put the smallest dent in my love of snow, though). We decided after that to float Thanksgiving until Saturday and just go skiing instead. We had beer at the lodge and microwave burritos. Saturday, though, we will be doing all the staples!

  86. We had the usual, turkey, ham, stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes etc. I made the Pumpkin cake, Watergate Salad, stuffing, and gravy! Everything was delicious!

  87. Nick – hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I made your cast iron mac-and-cheese as one of our sides, but a Hatch Green Chile version. As always, your recipe was foolproof. My husband made your cast-iron cornbread a few weeks ago and it was probably my favorite iteration of his cornbread to date! Thankful to have such a great resource as homecooks.

  88. We had a potluck. I made a gluten-free dressing using a recipe from Fabulous Feasts.
    Rolled oats, dried apple, dried fig, chopped onion, basil, rosemary, thyme, salt, butter, chicken stock.
    It’s quite good, and was a hit at both potlucks.

  89. I made traditional for the south…Ham , cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, english peas,sweet potatoes,cranberriesand brown and serve rolls

  90. I went to a friend’s for Thanksgiving, so she did a bulk of the cooking. I made a hot spinach-artichoke dip. My favorite thing on the table was sweet potatoes, baked with cinnamon and sliced apples, with marshmallows on top.

  91. I made a bone-in turkey breast and used your dry brine method. The turkey was moist and flavorful.

  92. the whole shebang – and it was delish! Turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, root vegetable gratin, roasted green beans with herbs, rolls, and jello salad with real cranberries

  93. We traveled 9+ hours this year so I didn’t make much but I did bake some banana bread for the day after!

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