A New Macheesmo


A New Macheesmo

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I realized about six months ago that the last time I made a major update to Macheesmo was in 2014. That’s like FIVE years ago.

In case you didn’t know, five years is an eternity when it comes to websites – even food blogs.

So I contacted my favorite designer (Neversink) and we got to work thinking. After many months of design and many months of development, here we are! A brand new Macheeesmo.

Personally, I’m really proud of it, but I wanted to write a post showing off a few of the features, just in case anybody wants to poke around a bit!

A New Recipes Page

The new recipes page is much different than the old page and also much different than many other blogs you’ll see. I think it looks pretty awesome, but it’s SO different that it’s still taking me some time to adjust.

The new recipes page features a really easy to use recipe block, a cleaned-up sidebar (not a million extra widgets and stuff), and less ads. To be honest, we are still figuring out how to place the ads on the new site, but the goal is to make it easier to read on both phones and computers!

Categorizing Recipes

Over the years, I’ve published almost 2,000 recipes on Macheesmo (that’s what 11 years of recipe writing gets you). On the old site it was almost impossible to find something though.

For this new site, I’ve spent, probably, days of my life categorizing the recipes into groups that I think readers would love. In the menu, check out the favorites and recipes sections to see a few of these! I hope they are useful!

Search. Search. Search!

Ohhhh I’m excited about the search on the new site. It’s freaking awesome. Honestly, I thought about not even having the categories because the search is so great.

It responds quickly to your searches, but also you can filter by ingredients, meals, preferences, etc. For me, it’s the blog equivalent of a baby book. I get to look back at all my young recipes!

What do you think?!

I’ve been writing about food for over a decade and one thing I’ve always tried to do is respond to what people like to see (and cook)!

The internet is a completely different beast than it was 11 years ago and I tried to make this site reflect that, but I want to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

I’m so thrilled that people show up at this little site every day to find something to make in their kitchens and I just want to make it as great a read as possible!


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