A New Addition


A New Addition

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Guess what we did over the weekend? That’s right. Impulsively got a puppy!

He’s a labradoodle and we decided to name him Porter.

I really couldn’t think of anything food-related to write on today because I’ve had this cute face staring at me the whole time so I thought I’d just post some photos of our new family member!

The Time I Put My Foot Down (and then in my mouth)

Betsy has been wanting a labradoodle for as long as I can remember. She preached how they didn’t shed, were very well-tempered and incredibly smart.

Those all sounded like traits I want in a dog. BUT…

The price tag for one of these creatures was a bit out of my pay grade! By, like, a lot. So I put my foot down and said no labradoodle for us. We have houses to buy, cars to repair, food to eat, and (someday) kids to send to college.

So no labradoodle for us.

Betsy gave me a puppy dog face about this for quite a while. If you don’t know what a puppy dog face looks like, it’s this:

Puppy dog face!

But guess what?! I won!

But my wife is a resourceful person (and stubborn at times) and so, last Friday, she called me saying that she found a labradoodle. On Craigslist. In our small Colorado town. For a very small fraction of the normal cost.

We went to check it out and sure enough, the previous owners who had only had him for two weeks had to move suddenly and couldn’t take him with them. They just wanted him to have a good home.

I guess you could say it was fate.

Porter the Wonderdoodle

I must say, after hanging out with Porter for the last 48 hours, he’s already one of my favorite dogs in the world. He’s very good-natured. He’s friendly to people and children. He doesn’t bark at other dogs. He’s pretty much house-broken (as much as a 5 month puppy can be). He doesn’t mind his crate where he sleeps at night. I’ve almost taught him to sit on command in two days.

So yea… he’s a good dog.

He does have a problem walking on tile, but that’s just kind of funny.

Running on tile is hard.

And he does have a mild nipping problem, but only when he’s really excited. We just bought him lots of fun toys to shove in his mouth if he starts biting.

Chew on this!

The Confrontation

Some long term Macheesmo readers probably know that we have a black cat named Tipsy (the alcohol theme wasn’t purposeful). I was pretty worried about how these two would navigate a home together, but they are getting the hang of it I think.

Tipsy is skeptical and Porter is generally not interested at all in Tipsy which is good.

Sometimes though they have a stare off which is pretty fun to watch. Tipsy wins most of them honestly. She’s a pretty scary beast when she wants to be.

stand off
The stand off!

So that’s the big news in our house these days! Don’t worry. I’ll be back tomorrow with an actual recipe.

If you’re interested in more Porter action, I took a quick video with my phone. (There’s some sound of me making strange noises trying to get his attention.)



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    1. Probably not… I think it's fairly complicated to get the nutrients right. If that's important to you you'd be better off just buying it I think.

  1. Aww, I love this post. Lucky Porter, to have found two loving humans, and a mellow grown cat for his forever home. I feel kind of warm and fuzzy right now. Congratulations to you guys!

  2. Nick, he is so cute- glad you made the move and got your puppy. I have two little dogs and my home wouldn't be the same with them. Enjoy!

  3. Great dog. Our labradoodle will be 10 this fall. Best. Dog. Ever.

    One big tip ( this is good for raising children too )

    ****There is no such thing as "just this one time". If you don't want your dog on the furniture ( or whatever ) you cannot EVER let your dog on the furniture. If you don't want your dog to beg at the table, you cannot EVER give him food from the table. And so on.

    You are the owner/adult. Think about what you want for a dog – Make your rules – and stick to them. Because if you break them, they pretty much stay broken.

    Good luck!!!

    P.S. Tomorrow is pizza night…..

  4. Ha! You're just going to train him to open the fridge and carry you items over to the stove & oven! I can hear Nick now, "Fetch me the medium wooden spoon, Porter. Good boy! Good boy!"

    Congrats on the new addition. I can't speak for Porter but our "Seed" lays next to the kitchen as I cook just looking for me to screw up and make a mistake. I call it "her watching her favorite cooking show".
    My recent post Grilled Sandwich Wrap – Thanks Green Day Cafe!

  5. Hey Nick, I love Porter,
    Have you tried any dog biscuit recipes, I actually have several I've been meaning to try?
    I was skeptical about having a dog too, but I wouldn't trade mine for anything "(or one)".

  6. SUPER cute but why are labradoodles so costly? If you go to your local pound, you can save money AND a life. After all, a labradoodle is a mutt…(which are the best "breed" for sure – I have two!)

  7. I'm jealous! Mister has promised that we can get a puppy before the next time he gets sent away with the military, but I want a puppy now. :(

  8. Does he curl up his toes and "walk" on his toenails on the tile floor? My uncle had a lab that did that. They didn't have tile in their house (hardwood and carpet) so anytime that she can to visit us when they were out of town we had to put rugs through the floors in the rooms with the tile so that she could walk.

  9. Congratulations. Dogs are the best. I'd love one, but DC isn't the best place for them. The happiest dogs I've seen were out in your hood. Now the question is can you have an animal themed post and make a Porter house steak or something with porter Ale?

  10. Congrats to you and Betsy! He is sooo precious, that is the breed of dog I want! I am anxious to hear how he does! Great choice on the name. My lab hates tile as well, must be kin to the breed.

  11. OMG! I can't wait for Leila to meet him. Mid-October in Grand Junction (that's where you live, right?): 2 dogs, 1 cat, and the 4 of us. Get ready!

  12. OMG times a million…your dog is so outrageously cute it's not even funny! I have never heard of a wonderdoodle but seriously, could the name be any more cool.

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