A Lifelong Game


A Lifelong Game

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Betsy’s Mom recently moved to Denver to be closer to us, her brother, and also her new grandson. She’s also helping us out with childcare which is super nice. One of her biggest concerns for moving to Denver was replacing her frequent bridge game in Nashville.

Well, I like cards and actually have missed playing poker so I agreed to be her partner a few times a month for the game. This required me learning to play bridge!

That was about a month ago and I’ve been to three official games with her at a local bridge club. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Bridge (especially duplicate bridge) is incredibly complex and takes hours just to learn the basics.
  • The stereotype of it being a game for an older generation tends to be true mainly, I think, because of the large amount of time it takes to play.
  • It is an intense mental workout. There are a number of studies that seem to suggest that playing the game regularly keeps your brain sharp. Circumstantially, I’ve seen this even after going just a few times. There are a few people who play who are, umm, OLD, but they are better at remembering hands than I am.
  • I’ve been yelled at (yelled at!) no less than one time by an extremely frail old man who thought I was cheating even though I barely know what’s happening during the game. We are now bridge enemies. I will never beat him, but will frustrate him to no end with my amateur play.

I can tell I’m getting addicted to it. I love the complexity of the game and the secret language that it brings with it. I’m not sure I’ll ever take it as seriously as some, but I can absolutely see myself playing it regularly.

The Links

 Grapefruit + Watermelon Agua Fresca – It’s officially hotter than Hades in Colorado. I’ve been slamming iced coffee like a crazy man, but just looking at this recipe cooled me down. It looks perfect for a hot summer picnic. (@ Sprouted Kitchen)

No Knead Grilled Na’an – I love grilled bread, mostly because it means I can skip turning on the oven. Flatbreads like this are just perfect for getting charred on the grill. (@ Girl vs. Dough)

How to Grill Ribs – There’s a lot that can go wrong if you’re grilling ribs, but there’ s a lot that can go right also. Namely, RIBS. Here’s a good walkthrough on how to grill a rack. (@ Spinach Tiger)

Southwestern Cauliflower Pizza – This is a simple recipe and would be great for a meatless main on a weeknight. I love the big flavors and am a big fan of pizza with pastry. (@ Real Food by Dad)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Any bridge players out there? HELP PLEASE.

Photo by Denise Griffin.

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  1. I admire you for trying to learn. I have thought about taking it up again (played in college) but I am not very patient and as you said it is a very complex game. Your mother in law must really appreciate your efforts.

  2. You’ll have fun at the game. What kind of tailgating are you doing?

    Thanks for the shrimp and grits link, that’s one of our favorites.

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