A Dream Opportunity!


A Dream Opportunity!

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I have some good news and bad news.

I’ll give you the bad news first. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to drastically cut back on my posting schedule here. It’s just getting to be too much and is completely overwhelming me. Especially in light of the good news (below), I just can’t keep posting as much here.

So I’ll be reducing my posting schedule to about once a week. Probably on Mondays or whenever I can get to it.

So that’s the bad news.

Onto the good news!

The Good News

I have a new job starting on Monday and it’s food related.

Now, some of you might be upset with the specifics of the job, but rest assured, it’s a good thing.

A month or two ago, I applied for a job as a “Food Product Developer” at McDonalds. I know. McDonalds?! But hear me out.

I’ll be working mainly out of my home which is great, but also once a month traveling to Oak Brook, Illinois to the McDonald’s Headquarters to work with their cooks to develop recipes.

I thought a lot about whether or not I should take this job, but at the end of the day, I thought it was for the best and I can do a lot of positive things there.

Here’s the specifics on what I’ll be doing and why I took it.

  • Gettin’ PAID. Frankly, blogging isn’t the most lucrative thing in the world. McD’s is offering me a crazy amount of cash money. Some might say this is “selling out”, but hey. Everybody has a price right?
  • Free Food. I can eat at any McDonald’s in the world for free. How could I pass that up?
  • Flexible Schedule. I can work basically whenever I want. I’m responsible for coming up with 30 new recipe ideas every month. From these 30 recipes, they will eliminate the unrealistic ones and maybe add one or two of them to test menus throughout the country. If they have success with the test recipes, then they will make them available nationwide and maybe worldwide!
  • Free Trips. I get to go to Oak Brook, Illinois at least once a month on the company’s tab! That means I can finally visit the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art!

Food Product Developer!

This wasn’t an easy gig to get. They contacted me a few months ago along with a dozen other bloggers. To get the gig we all had to come up with three original fast food dishes. The blogger with best dishes gets the job.

These were my (winning) ideas:

THE CHOMPER – A deep-fried pork cut (think McRib) that’s covered with a Chipotle special sauce and cheddar cheese. The Double CHOMPER is also an option obviously.

FRENCH FRY FORTRESS – For the kids! 50 french fries strategically built into a fortress and deep-fried. It’s fun for the whole family! For an extra dollar you can get a 6 piece chicken nugget fried inside the fortress.

THE CALORIE COUNTER – A ten day old, slightly bruised apple for $3.50.

I think it’s pretty clear why I got the job. Also, I’m not sure that anyone else actually finished the application.

Oh I also redid my logo to go better with my new gig. I’m gonna make it a bit sharper, but here’s the draft for it.

I hope you all wish me good luck in my new venture!

Leave a comment with your best idea for a new McD’s dish and I’ll do my best to get it on the menu!


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  1. We're not that dumb, Nick. We know that you would never abandon us like that. Happy April 1!

  2. April Fools to you too- I REALLY don't think you would sell out to McD's without trying to shove healthy food down their throats and the chomper does not sound like you ;-)

  3. mmmmm…..A French Fry Fortress surrounded by a ketchup/mayo moat with an apple pie drawbridge….those stupid apple slices will never take down this goodness!

    1. Damn, somebody beat me to it. I love the Fry Castle. If it can have little toy catapults to launch ketchup packets at Siblings that would be even better. This is america dammit! Put some guns on there or get out!

  4. I was very disappointed…. Just when you think you know a blogger!

    haha. Great one, I really fell for it at first.

  5. I would totally buy a french fry fortress. And I'm a little bummed that this is an April Fool's joke. I would actually LIKE taking my children to Mcdonald's if I knew you were helping with the menu! LOL
    My recent post MIA

  6. Good one, Nick. I remember last year when you said you'd be opening a restaurant, menu and all. I totally fell for that one. And therefore I was totally expecting something like this! At least the 'calorie counter' would keep you in line with your apple a day challenge!

  7. Wow, I was totally buying this until I got to the fry fortress then I got a little leary…. but the apple was what finally clicked for me! :-P Nice one!

  8. Ok – I actually believed everything until I got to the "FRENCH FRY FORTRESS". Wow… haha :)

  9. Damn! I was hoping you could fatten up America (and the world) just a little bit more!
    Good one!

  10. Wow, I totally believed it until I saw the comments & remembered what day it is. That was good!

  11. i can't believe i bought into that… that was until i read the line about all the free food you would be eating :) thank the Lord.

  12. Okay, I'll just assume this is an April Fool's joke, and wait for your great post TOMORROW. Got that! No ditching to the enemy allowed here! (I just watched "King Corn" last night, and this wasn't funny! :)
    My recent post The Gentleman

  13. For a split second I thought I might one day get my Salmon Filet o Fish with Tzatziki topping! Thanks for the laugh! Happy April Fools' Day!

  14. Wow I totally fell for this. And if memory serves, this time last year I also thought that you were going to open a restaurant in Colorado.

  15. Very cute joke, Nick! :-) I'm lovin' the idea of the french fry fortress though–that would be pretty awesome. ;-) <–See how I did that there, I even used part of the McD's catchphrase. I'm so clever….HAHAHA! :-P
    My recent post Money Saving Tip- Clorox Anywhere

  16. You had me goin' there for a minute… I was like – well, maybe he'll be the guy who'll FINALLY come up with a good and healthy vegetarian option at McD's… It could happen one day. Haha! April Fool!

  17. I read this blurry eyed and half awake this morning as I laid in bed reading through my Google Reader like I do every morning….and I didn't pay close enough attention to this post and TOTALLY fell for it. For most of the day. I was stewing about how annoying it was that one of my favorite blogs was only going to be updated once a week, and how even worse, you were selling out to McDonalds! It wasn't until this afternoon when I was like…."DUH Sarah. It's April Fools Day." Ha :) You totally got me. Good job :)

  18. Oh my word. I was just about to comment and say, Nick!, I've been to the McDonald's headquarters in Oak Brook, and you'll love it! However–Mcdonald's? REALLY?

    And then I read the comments.

    Nicely done. Nicely done.
    My recent post Homemade Chicken Tacos

  19. This may be the funniest April fools joke!!!! Since I'm a pretty new reader I was believing it up until the end (although I did raise an eyebrow in the middle)! LOL. Thank GOD you are joking!

  20. congrats…I'm a food developer/engineer as well. Its a hard job trying to please everyone. Perhaps you can do some good in the evil empire of fast food. Anyway sounds like a great gig and wonderful for your resume. Good Luck.

  21. TERRIBLE. Hilarious, but terrible.

    I forgot to check my reader yesterday, and thought this was a new post from today…and of course got a little panicked. But then I saw the "Calorie Counter" and realized what you'd done.

    I'm still laughing. :) Good one.

  22. I'm soooo relieved! You don't know how much I love your recipes/blog. There has to be a pot of gold (as in cash) at the end of the (bloggers' rainbow).

  23. I almost believed you until I got to your "winning" recipes! They already have the apple on the menu, so I knew you were faking :D. I think that pork one might actually happen ;).

  24. I was almost mad at you. That's how Mcdumb I am. I forgot about April Fools. I haven't been to a McDonalds in maybe 10 years and I hate that they even get publicity here. But, kudos to your awesome sense of humor. You got me good. Now I'm off to grind some chicken back bones to make lunch for three year olds.

  25. Congrats on your new job! I'm really excited for you and know that you care about the quality of food so i know you will make such a positive difference at McDonald's. Good luck! My family and I were just at Whole Foods for lunch and they have a burger station there and we got the veggie cheeseburgers with balsamic marinated portobello mushrooms on top (along with some other toppings too) and they were FANTASTIC! My friends who also have young kids are always talking about how we wish that McDonald's could have a vegetarian cheeseburger for our kids. Perhaps it could be called "Very happy meal" :~) if anyone could convince them, i know you could! Thanks for all your hard work and keep us posted how it goes!

  26. I really like the french fry fortress idea. It would be great with a beef crumbles and bacon bits ;)

  27. WHEW I kind of just started panicking when I realized you might post less, and really started to worry when you said you were going to McD's… clever. very clever.

  28. Soooo….I guess my dream of having a Big Mac made from quarter pounder burgers (The Bigger Mac) isn't any closer to becoming a reality!!! How cruel!

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