A Daddy Weekend


A Daddy Weekend

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This was T’s reaction when I told him what we have in store this weekend. (Actually, it was his reaction when I showed him I can make fart noises with my mouth.)

Betsy is taking a much needed trip with some of her college friends for a relaxing weekend away and that means me and the dude are flying SOLO for the next few days. No Mom. No Grandma. No guts. No glory!

I’ve left Bets alone with the guy for two weekends already so it’s definitely my turn to take the reins for a weekend. What do we have planned?! TONS. We will be going for a jog with his fancy new stroller. We will be going to a park to watch big kids play. We will be hopefully napping well and IN A GOOD MOOD. Repeat after me: We will be NAPPING WELL AND IN A GOOD MOOD.

I can pretty much guarantee that I will be exhausted on Sunday though. I already know my one big takeaway from the weekend will be how do single parents  do it?!

The Links

Lots of good summer love out there right now.

Bloody Mary Popsicles – These appear to be everything I love. The only trick is making sure you don’t add too much vodka because then they wouldn’t freeze nicely. Looks so refreshing though! (@ Molly Yeh)

Toasted Coconut Frozen Yogurt – A friend asked me recently if I’ve ever made frozen yogurt (no) and then this recipe popped up on my feed this week. If I were to make FRO-YO, I’d probably start here! (@ Recipe Girl)

Lobster Salad Sandwiches – Okay. These not be a traditional lobster roll, but they look completely refreshing and delicious for summer. Plus you can use frozen lobster which I didn’t even know was a thing… (@ Girl Gone Gourmet)

French Fried Chicken – A good chat on fried chicken and varieties and a version that is French because it uses duck fat which is way more work than most American cooks are willing to go through for fried chicken. (@ David Lebovitz)

Have a great weekend everybody. WISH  ME LUCK! Send beer.

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  1. Theo getting cuter and cuter. How did you capture that expression? His mouth is a perfect 0. The weekend will fly by – wait and see.

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