60 Refreshing Cocktails

A photo round up of 60 delicious cocktails. Perfect for a warm summer day!


60 Refreshing Cocktails

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I’ve been having a revival of sorts in mixology. I used to be a bartender and really loved mixing up drinks.

There’s really nothing like a cool crisp drink on a hot spring day. And while beer is always a good option, sometimes it’s nice to change it up.

I haven’t done a photo roundup in a while so here are 60 refreshing cocktails that would be perfect for a warm Spring day.

Hover over the photos to see the original creator and click on any photo to go to the original recipe!

Phew! There ya go.

If you can’t find something refreshing from that list, you’re on your own!

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  1. I like this post. We're always looking for new drink ideas. Do you have or have you seen anything for white whiskey? There are a couple of smaller local places here that make white whiskey and I love it, but need some new ideas.

      1. if you can find it, Death's Door (WI based) is really good. It's unaged whiskey so it's got whiskey flavor, but it's a little lighter than regular whiskey.

  2. nice lineup! i am not a drinker. but when hubby and i go out to eat i love to have a really good girlie fruity drink with all the bells and whistles. you know? lol and some of those tiki-themed drinks are good.
    OH and one time I had this fresh banana daquiri. I wish i could recreate that at home? do you know?

  3. Work and family have kept me from doing much blogging in the last few weeks so while I was doing some housework on the blog tonight I was thrilled to see that you had included my Rhubarb cocktail on your list. I look forward to checking out the others on this fabulous list! Thanks again!
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