50 Gifts Under $50


50 Gifts Under $50

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It’s the holiday season and most people are probably still searching around for that perfect something for that near-perfect somebody.

The kitchen is always a good place to start as there is never a shortage of useful (but not stupid) things you can get that your gift receiver will love!

I’ve compiled a list of 50 of my favorite gifts this year that might help you in your search! The good news is that all of them are under $50!


Stuffed! – My friend Dan wrote a cookbook. I’ve seen an early copy of it and it’s awesome. Even though it doesn’t come out until January, he’s running a fun promotion where you can easily give it as a gift. Learn more here. ($15)

Egg Timer – A cute little red timer that tells  you when your eggs are done! ($9)

Butter Warmer – If you have a seafood lover in your life, this is a great gift. It’s classier than a microwaved bowl of melted butter. ($10)

Mini Strainer – An incredibly useful tool. Use it to quickly seed citrus or even strain a cocktail. ($10)

Copper Cook’s Tools – Lovely lovely little tools that could really round out a kitchen. I’m not even sure if I would use these… they would just be beautiful to have hanging or something. ($12)

French Rolling Pin – I love my French rolling pin so much. I have a normal one also, but use this one almost exclusively. ($12)

Grill Press – An awesome tool if you have a griller in your life so you can make things like smash burgers. ($15)

Silicon Brush – Everyone needs a good brush. I like this one because it’s heat resistant so you can glaze stuff over a hot grill. ($15)

Whiskey Stones – Keep your drink cold without it getting watered down! ($12)

Fun Paring Knives – I’m a big fan of buying good knives and sharpening them, but I kind of break that rule with paring knives. I go through them quickly so I just buy new ones. Great stocking stuffers. ($12)

Glass Cluet – I have a few of these that I use for olive oil and vinegar. They look beautiful when filled and make drizzling easy. ($15)

Balloon Whisk – Most people probably have a whisk, but they get ragged after awhile and maybe a replacement is due. ($9)

Copper Bar Tools – Another beautiful piece of copper that I would use and not just hang! ($14)

Spider Skimmer – For the deep fryer in your life! ($6)

Garlic Roaster – Is there anything better than the smell of roasted garlic? I’m not sure that there is and while you can roast garlic on anything, this is kind of a cute thing. ($12)

Wood Reamer – I had to juice about 10 lemons over the weekend and I desperately wanted one of these! A great bar tool. ($12)

Dough Scraper – Maybe the most underrated kitchen tool out there. ($10)

Insulated Wine Tote – For the picnic person in your life. Keeps that bottle of white chilled while you hike. ($10)

Absolutely Avocados – Probably my wife’s favorite book of the year because every recipe has her favorite ingredient! ($15)


Truffle Oil Set – A little bit of that expensive flavor without breaking the bank. I use it for one thing mainly: popcorn. ($29)

Torch and Ramekins – For the pyromaniac chef in your life. ($29)

Decanter – These are old school and beautiful. They make any dark liquor look great on display. ($24)

Sangria Set – More items that make boozing easier! ($27)

Cook’s Illustrated – I subscribe to a lot of cooking magazines, but CI is still my favorite. ($25)

Herb Infuser – Another cool device for olive oil except this one has a spot where you can store herbs that will slowly infuse into the oil. ($30)

Mortar and Pestle – These look great on display in a kitchen and are also a quick way to grind up some spices. ($19)

Bountiful – One of the more beautiful cookbooks I’ve seen. A perfect gift. ($22)

Crown Maple Petite Trio – This combo is obviously going to work. ($16)

Owl S&P Shakers – These are freakin’ adorable. ($19)

 Sandstone Coasters – I love the unique look on these coasters. ($18)

Jerusalem – In terms of unique recipes, this is one of my favorite cookbooks of the year. ($21)

Carbon Steel Wok – I’ve lusted over these for awhile. They get really hot and are perfect for stir fry. You need a gas stove to really use them correctly though. ($30)

Kitchen Scale – Every home cook should have one of these. ($25)

Cast Iron Tea Set – If you know a tea drinker, this is just a beautiful set and very warming. ($29)

Heritage Bundt Pan – A stunning pan that would make one really cool loaf. ($30)

The Cooking School Cookbook – Probably the most thorough Cook’s Illustrated book yet. I love this book. ($29)

Bodum Travel Mug – Classy combo between a french press and to-go coffee mug! ($16)


Cast Iron Spice Grinder – Kind of like a mortar and pestle but a bit easier to use. Plus it’s beautiful and on sale right now! ($39)

Immersion Blender – If you know someone who makes a lot of soups, they need this. No more transferring of hot liquids! ($49)

Sea Salt Sampler – Sea salts are all the rage these days and the perfect salt can really take a dish to the next level. The classic example of something that a cook probably wouldn’t buy for themselves, but would love to receive. ($49)

Mezzaluna – A really nice chopping device for mincing herbs. ($40)

Bamboo Cheese Set – I love how this comes with the tools and everything is kept in the case. ($39)

Wine Decanter – A freakin’ beautiful decanter for the wine lover in your life. ($49)

6 Quart Slow Cooker – Everyone should have a slow cooker that they like. This one is a good mid-ranged one. ($49)

10 Piece Cocktail Set – Everything you need to set up an at-home bar. ($39)

Teak Cutting Board – I love the different wood tones in this board. ($50)

Beer Kit – If you know someone who wants to get into brewing, this is a great intro gift. ($40)

Air Popcorn Popper – A healthy way to make popcorn without the microwave. ($36)

Dried Ghost Chiles – Almost a gag gift. Frequently sited as one of the hottest chiles in the world. ($42)

Pizza Stone – Get that beautiful crust on your pizza with one of these! ($44)

If you can’t find something on this list, then you’re on your own!



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  1. No offense…but you left out metal measuring spoons and metal measuring cups. They are etched/stamped, so the indicators will last forever. The plastic crap always looses the markings in short.order! I also wholeheartedly agree on the “immersion blender”! It’s indispensable and I’ve been using it more and more…especially with soups! Most of the others, I have, except the mortar and pestle. I’m thinking a mocajete at this point1 My next purchase, btw! Great post and super suggestions!

    1. Good point Larry. And you’re definitely right about the plastic ones. Those are seriously a P.O.S. Thanks for the comment!

  2. These are some great ideas. I love the owl salt and pepper shakers. Thanks for taking the time to put this list together.

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