45 Minute Meals

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There are a few touted chefs who claim the 30-minute meal as their thing. Here’s the deal: I’m a pretty good cook and I’ve tried many a 30-minute meal and they always end up taking somewhere in the 45 minute range.

So I just figured I wouldn’t lie to you. These are fast, but they will probably take you 45 minutes from start to finish. That’s pretty dang good for a delicious dinner!

By chance, this meal happens to be completely vegetarian, but carnivores will love these dishes also. They are packed with flavor.

This week’s meal plan includes:

  • Red Lentil Dal and Cilantro Rice
  • Macaroni Minestrone
  • Cashew/Chickpea Curry
  • Grab-N-Go Burritos

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Admin note: This is a repost of an old meal plan from over a year ago that still has some of my favorite winter recipes!

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