2016 Was a Year


2016 Was a Year

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2016 has been an up-and-down, exhausting, exciting year. Here in the U.S. we had one of the most contentious elections I can recall. I feel like we also lost an above average number of artists and iconic humans.

But, at the same time, we were able to welcome a new baby girl into our house (that’s an entirely different post), and the year seemed to fly by in anticipation of her arrival.

Through it all, I cooked a lot of delicious food. As always, I figured it would be fun to take a look back at some of the most popular posts of the year and some of my favorite. Not surprisingly, what I liked and what the Internet liked was very different!

If you tried something from Macheesmo this year, leave a comment with your favorite!

Most Popular 2016 Posts

These were the 10 most popular Macheesmo posts of the year. As always, I was completely surprised by most of these.

#10 Weeknight Butter Chicken

This recipe was a winner from day one. It has deep flavors but is relatively fast to make. It’s totally doable on a busy Tuesday. It’s still in my semi-regular recipe rotation!

#9 Beef Szechuan Noodles

I was surprised to see this guy on the list! It’s a simple noodle dish, but has BIG flavors. Glad it got some attention!

#8 Roasted Garlic Ricotta Pasta Sauce

If this recipe didn’t make the most popular list, it would’ve been on my personal list. It’s just such a great quick pasta sauce! Some people have had issues with it being grainy. It might end up a tad bit grainy just due to the nature of ricotta, but it also means that you probably aren’t using enough pasta water to thin it out if it’s really grainy. It’s a great recipe!

#7 Skillet Deep Dish Pizza

Pizza is always popular on Macheesmo and this recipe was the most popular pizza recipe of the year. Laminated crust with loads of cheese, sausage, and peppers. It was one good pie!

#6 Potatoes Au Packet

A potatoes au gratin version perfect for the grill! Rather than make a huge casserole and keep your oven on for hours, these packets are smaller (feed 1-2 per packet) and cook perfectly over a gas or charcoal grill.

#5 Perfect Steak Tartar at Home

Raw beef is apparently popular. I did NOT expect this post to be on this list, but it turns out people search for it a lot! This is a really simple version and very delicious. Just remember to buy very high quality beef, please, and prepare it correctly.

#4 Nashville Hot Chicken Strips

A homemade version of the Nashville institution! I made this version in strip form, but you could just as easily use the chili mixture on a full chicken!

#3 One Pot Cheeseburger Pasta

In stark difference to the #2 on this list, this recipe has actually been tried by loads of people. I get emails every week from people who’ve tried and it and love it. It’s almost magical.

#2 Bite Sized Blooming Onions

These little snacks were a huge hit on social media, but I’m not sure that anybody has actually tried them. They are really delicious though even if they require some patient knife skills!

#1 Sheet Pan Hash Browns

These are my hands-down favorite way to make a lot of crispy breakfast hash browns from scratch. The key is to move the pan up and down in the oven to maximizing browning without stirring the hash browns too much!

Nick’s Faves from 2016

As a recipe writer and food blogger, it always pains me a bit when I make something that I think will be particularly well-received and it falls flat. In an effort to bring these bad boys back to life, here are the 12 posts (1 per month in 2016) that were my personal faves!

January: Grilled Cheese Club Sandwich

This is just a straight-up delicious sandwich and if you can  make a grilled cheese then you can make this because the rest of it is just chopped veggies and deli ingredients. I crave it all the time.

February: Sriracha Candied Bacon

Plan on making bacon ever again? Just go ahead and try this method. It’s good as a side dish, on sandwiches, crumbled on soup… you get the idea.

March: Reuben Eggs Benedict

St. Patty’s Day inspired, this is one of the few eggs benedict dishes I worked on last year. The hollandaise is a nice twist on thousand island dressing. It’s an all-around delicious brunch.

April: Cucumber Ginger Pimms Cups

Yep. I think the best thing I made in April was a cocktail. And you better believe as soon as the weather cracks 70 in Spring, I’ll be rushing to buy these ingredients again. So refreshing and wonderful.

May: Charred Scallion and Bacon Macaroni Salad

This is the macaroni salad your picnic is dreaming about. Instead of a mayo salad, this version is bright and crunchy with charred onions, crispy bacon, and just enough dressing to hold it all together. A keeper for me, for sure.

June: Korean Steak Sandwiches

The steak is the obvious star of these sandwiches and you could just as easily serve it by itself, but the hidden secret to these sandwiches is the crunchy veggie slaw. It makes it work!

July: Waffle Maker Home Fries

I love waffle maker hacks. My waffle maker is huge and to make it worth it to keep it in my kitchen, it needs to do more than just waffles. So… HOME FRIES! Yes, please.

August: Easy Baked Shrimp Dip

The reason this dip is on the list is because I took it to a holiday party this year and it got rave reviews and was GONE in about 5 minutes. It’s pretty great.

September: Spicy Chicken Pineapple Tacos

I love this as a quick weekday dinner recipe. It has really unique flavors and you could make most of it in advance!

October: Ad Hoc Chicken Nuggets

I was told the Ad Hoc Fried Chicken recipe was one of the best out there by a very trusted source and so I figured I would transform it into nuggets!

November: Lavender Honey Pie

This might be one of the classier pies I’ve ever made. Unassuming, maybe, but once people try it, it’ll win them over quickly.

December: Enchilada Meatball Tacos

A really fun and tasty mash-up meal. It’s half enchilada, half taco, and half meatballs. I know that doesn’t add up, but it’s cool. It’s a recipe worth 150%.

I’ll be back later in the week with some fun appetizers, but mostly I hope you all have a WONDERFUL 2017!

4 Responses to “2016 Was a Year” Leave a comment

  1. Congrats on the new addition, can’t wait to see that post!
    What did I cook from your blog this year? Well, it might not have been your most involved recipe, but you changed my life with the spiralized hot dogs. We made them for a barbeque we hosted for our second child’s 1st birthday in May, and then continued to make them all summer and got my parents hooked on them as well.
    And just to lend some credence to your personal list, I have the macaroni salad, waffle maker home fries, and meatball tacos you highlighted saved in Feedly to make – I’ll get to them eventually!

  2. Interesting list. Hands down the grilled cheese club sandwich was our all time favourite and is requested often. We also really enjoy the macaroni salad. I use a number of your breakfast items especially when we go skiing as I can make and freeze them to transport easily and less work while on vacation, but we have quick good breakfasts to start our day !

  3. So hard to pick one recipe! But one we make over and over and over is the bacon pumpkin stuffed shells! I leave the bacon out of half for my vegetarian daughter, and add it in for the rest of us.

    Happy New Year and happy cooking!

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