2014 Cleanse Plan Part Two

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Happy 2014 everybody! I hope your New Year’s Eve was good and just eventful enough to be memorable.

This is a continuation of last week’s cleanse plan. Again, the goal of the meals in this plan is to give you a healthy start to 2014 without feeling like you are being short-changed in the flavor department.

This meal plan includes a bit more meat than normal, but it’s all really good, lean protein. In each case, I’ve listed some vegetarian options as always.

This week’s meal plan includes:

  • Mediterranean Chicken Skillet Bake
  • Chicken and Mushroom Soup
  • Pesto Salmon
  • Quinoa Porridge

Download the Plan!

Any Questions?

This meal plan has some interesting ingredients so if you have issues finding any of them, please leave any questions or ideas on this forum discussion topic which is specific for this meal plan!

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