2012 Resolutions


2012 Resolutions

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I know it’s cheesy, but I always like setting resolutions for the new year.  Even if I don’t hit all of them, it gives me some goals and at least helps me focus on what I think is important.

I have the kind of mind that will just wonder aimlessly without straightforward goals so setting resolutions helps me more than it might help others.

I also like to make them public.  It keeps me honest and also might even give you a few ideas for resolutions this year.

So here’s a quick post with my resolutions for the next year and also a review of my 2011 resolutions!

Last Year’s Resolutions

I set 5 goals for 2011 and I would give myself a solid B on accomplishing these.  Let’s go through them one by one.

Brew a Batch of Beer.  I used to love brewing beer and I hadn’t done it in a few years so I really wanted to try to get back into it this year.  I brewed exactly one batch.  It exploded.  I have yet to try again.  So I technically met this resolution, but I don’t think I really met the spirit of this resolution.

Do Some Canning.   I rocked this one.  I had two really successful canning attempts.  My pickled okra turned out amazing.  I just have one or two jars left.  My peach jalapeno jam was also a success.  It wasn’t as spicy as I would’ve liked, but that’s just personal preference.  I feel pretty confident about basic canning now and am excited to try more.

Grow a Garden.  Not only did I grow a garden, I built a garden!  I grew all kinds of stuff… some of it succeeded and some of it failed.  My garden this year will be a lot better after having a year of experience under my belt.

Freelance Articles.  I wanted to write a bunch more freelance articles in 2011 and I sort of succeeded.  I wrote almost an article a week for Tablespoon, but I wasn’t able to get any writing assignments outside of that.  I wrote a few query letters, but no bites.  I’ll try again this year though.

Hit and Maintain 175. This was a half success.  I’ve definitely lost weight this year.  I hover around 180 now.  The good news though is that I think I’ve built a lot of muscle.  I’ve been exercising a lot and Betsy and I are just generally more active these days than when we lived in DC.  Betsy told me recently that she thinks I’m in the best shape she has seen me in since we started dating.  I’ll take that as a WIN.

 2012 Resolutions

Ok.  Now for the fun part.  Here’s a few fairly ambitious resolutions for next year!

Making Croissants – I’ve tried to make croissants about half a dozen times in the past.  I’ve never been able to produce anything that even half-resembles a croissant.  I’m not saying that I will succeed at this, but I’ll try a few times.  Bring on the butter!

Self-publish a Book – This is actually in the works.  It’s a project that I’ve been working on for about 9 months now and is almost done.  I’m really excited to tell you all more about it, but I need another month or two to put on some finishing touches.

YouTube It  – I’ve never really figured out a good way to do Macheesmo in video format.  Frankly, I like writing and taking photos and that’s what works best for this site in my opinion.  That said, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a separate project on Youtube.  It would be food-related, but not really coincide exactly with the stuff on Macheesmo.

Run the Holy Cross Trail – I’ve been doing a lot of trail running this year and I’m sort of addicted to it.  I’ve never been a huge runner, but I really love the varied terrain of a trail.  Plus I get to bring the dog.

Holy Cross is a pretty tough mountain biking trail near us.  I’ve biked it before and it’s very difficult.  I think it’s a bit under 10K distance-wise but it also has a 700 feet elevation change so I think it would be a challenging run.

Organs! – I love cooking with offal, but I’m pretty inexperienced with most types.  I want to keep experimenting and try a few different and new types in 2012.  In fact, I’m posting a really delicious offal dish TOMORROW.  So check back for that!

That’s my hopeful 2012 in a nutshell!

Do you have any resolutions for 2012, cooking or otherwise?  Leave a comment!

Great croissant photo by Rofi.

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    1. I’m not sure if I’m confident enough to say that I’ll “nail” them. I’m just hoping to make something that doesn’t look like a butter-soaked slice of BLAH.

      1. Hey Nick,
        Long time reader here, I’ve sent you a while back my grandmother’s recipe from the book Baking with Julia. it so happens I have recently found the show my grandma was on on Youtube making croissant for Julia Child. so here it is :
        Hope this helps and keep up the good work !!

      2. Hey Julian, yea… I’ve tried this method once and it resulted in a big fat fail… I think probably my user error though. I’ll be trying it again this year for sure.

  1. nail the croissants–that’s a lifetime goal of mine. those are hard to do. duplicating the french classic is hard. i know the trick is in the rolling: more layers=flaky. but i swear the french version they use a European butter. I know there is a diff in the butters because when i did that whole levain copycat cookie recipe; there was a huge taste/crispness/almost flakiness to the cookie.
    a french bakery on the lower end of cape cod, near p-town does them exactly like you’d see in france. i’ve tried asking him but he won’t budge. but he was classically trained in paris so….

  2. and nick, thanks again for the bar stuff. you have no idea how much i love them.
    we have a built in bar downstairs in the finished basement and NOW have stuff to put in there. you rock! thanks again!

  3. Croquembouche is high on my bucket list of things to make. But, I need a good reason, something to celebrate. Redo our garden to raised beds. Visit more farms in the area. Eat at at least 10 local restaurants. Make whoopie pies, homemade cheese, gravlax, savory pies, paella, liver pate. And, if we get ambitious, roast our own coffee beans. I would love to take on croissants. I imagine homemade must be fabulous, at least better than what the local bakery has around Nashville. Oh, and some baking gluten free just to see if I can do it.

  4. My NY resolution last year was to learn to make bread. I tried many times with failure. I’m blaming it on our Colorado altitude.

  5. Resolution: Spend less money on groceries. Hard to do when you eat a lot of produce, but I’m going to try. Do you have any tips, especially when it comes to produce? And yes I know about grocery lists :)

    1. Good one. I’m actually horrible at this. I’ve tried various list and coupon strategies and have never really found something that works for me. We don’t eat out much though so we sort of just budget for higher grocery bills…

      1. Living in DC, I find that my desire to utilize the great farmers markets hinders any economical interests – it’s a bit crazy! $6 for 1/2lb of kale?? My husband and I eat mainly vegetarian diets, and he’s a Marine who requires a lot of food! We have found that Wegmans is the best value because they have great store brand things and fresh produce, but I would MUCH rather buy produce from the local markets. I love the farmers markets, but I like being able to pay bills, too!

      2. I love Wegmans! One of my favorite stores in the nation… unfortunately they only exist on the east coast as far as I know.

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