2010 Resolutions


2010 Resolutions

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When it comes to resolutions, I try to keep mine focused and concrete. If I just say I’m going to get healthier, that’s too broad and I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.

I made some good resolutions last year and I think I succeeded at most of them, if not all of them. Here’s a few things that I want to get done in 2010 – in no particular order.

300 Posts – Again! I had this resolution last year and I think it kept me on track writing and cooking and thinking. I don’t want to do more than that though… I think that’s my blogging sweet spot.

Meat Four Times a Week – I had a 2009 goal of eating meat no more than once a day. Two years ago I would frequently eat meat at every meal. I slipped a few times (mainly over holidays) but was generally successful. I noticed only positive things from my meat reduction. I feel healthier and have really expanded my cooking skills with veggies.

I’d rather set a week limit rather than a day limit that way I have some flexibility on menus. This probably means that there will be less meat posts on Macheesmo, but trust me, the ones that I do have will be delicious. I’m not wasting a meat credit on a crappy meal!

The four times a week thing is pretty arbitrary. I’m not basing it on anything that I’ve read. It’s just a way for me to keep reducing my meat intake which I think is important.

Brew a Batch of Beer – I used to brew beer every few months and stopped. I’d love to get back into it though. So expect some beer brewing posts in 2010!

Lose 10 pounds – I think my ideal weight is somewhere around 175 and I’m about 10 pounds over that right now. With some focus, I think it should be reasonable for me to trim off these extra pounds this year.

Finish the book – I bet you didn’t even know I was working on a book! Well, that’s because I haven’t really talked about it much. Don’t worry though, I’ll be writing more on it very soon. I’ve been working on it for about 5 months and everything is coming together nicely. I’m doing all the layout for the book myself so it’s taking kind of a long time, but it’s been really fun so far.

So there ya go! My 2010 resolutions. Do you have any good food-related resolutions for 2010? Leave a comment!

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  1. One of mine (I never make many) is to make cheese once a week, including some decent mozzarella, which is tricky. My daughter and I went to a cheese making workshop a couple of months ago and loved it. So while you’re making beer I’ll be making cheese!

  2. I resolve not to wrestle a cape buffalo by it’s horns.

    (Hey, if I set my standards low, I won’t be disappointed, ha ha)

    Happy New Year, Nick!

  3. Great. Can’t wait for 2k10 blogs
    the 3 B’s. Beef, beer and book what else could we ask for
    have a good new year Macheesmo ‘ers especially in good health

  4. Happy New Year!! I have set myself 4 food blogging resolutions for 2010.

    :: Use my cookery books more and post about at least one, once per month.
    :: Highlight Seasonal Produce – Once a month highlight serveral produce that is in season and create several recipes for them.
    :: Bake More
    :: Take part in more food blogging events.

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  5. Awesome resolutions! I’m particularly excited about the meat one because it means more recipes here for me to try (I’m a vegetarian).

  6. I too used to do a lot of brewing but haven’t done any for a number of years now. I’d love to live vicariously through your brewing posts. Can’t wait!!!

  7. Nick, I just found your blog today. Very nice! I'm trying to do a little of the same thing you are–encouraging others and myself to be more confident in the kitchen, although I am far from trying to make my own beer and cheese. I wish you success on your book. Is it a food-related book?

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