2010 Macheesmo Review


2010 Macheesmo Review

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2010 was a pretty awesome year for Macheesmo. I thought I’d take a post and go over some of the favorite posts from the last year. I always think it’s fun to look back on the year, plus hopefully it gives new readers (I know there are a few of you) a chance to check out what you missed.

I had a lot of fantastic things happen in 2010. On a personal note, I got married, had a great honeymoon, and moved to Colorado. On a Macheesmo note, the site had about half a million visits. That’s kind of insane for me to imagine. I finally launched a slick new redesign of the site which you hopefully all like. And I put out a fun ebook with some other great bloggers!

So yea. I really had fun in 2010.

But let’s talk about the actual posts.

Top 10 Posts from 2010. This is based on total views which is imperfect, but easiest. As I check out the list it is a very weird thing. I think I would’ve been able to guess maybe one of these correctly.

10. Red Velvet CupcakesCupcakes from scratch are always a hit. These were so good that I served them at my own wedding!

9. Super Tomato Risotto – I make risotto more often than I post on Macheesmo and this is the best risotto I’ve ever made.

8. Peach Grilled Cheese – I can’t take a lot of credit for this one because it was actually suggested on Twitter, but I’ll take some credit for it.

7. Chalupas – I frequently get challenged to make fast food favorites. This was an ambitious, but delicious, attempt at a Taco Bell favorite.

6. Greek Yogurt Pancakes This got picked up by Serious Eats for some reason so it got some chatter. They were really good pancakes though.

5. Betsy’s Breakfast Smoothie – Again. Not a lot of credit for me on this one. It’s my wife’s smoothie recipe!

4. Green Bean Casserole From ScratchGoogle loved this post in November and December. I guess some people were getting sick of the “traditional” version…

3. Breakfast Sandwiches – I think people just liked this because I cooked eggs in muffin tins. Sometimes it’s the simple things!

2. Bruschetta Benedict – I kind of forgot about this post until I saw it on this list! It was a great benedict though and not as heavy as the traditional.

1. Baked Oatmeal This was the most popular post of the year in 2010. I would’ve never predicted that in a million years. The Internet is a crazy place.

My Favorite Posts. Ok. So that listing can be a bit imperfect in my mind because it’s skewed by some random things like if the post gets picked up by other blogs or does well on Google. This is my personal list of what I thought were the best posts of the year. This is obviously completely subjective and basically results in the posts that I had the most fun making and writing.

10. The Beet Burger This makes the list just because it was really fun to watch people’s reactions when they tried it… and actually liked it.

9. Eggplant Parmesan Rolls – An elegant take on the classic eggplant parm. This was one of Betsy’s favorite dishes of the year and she requests it often.

8. Red Snapper in Salt – Using four pounds of salt in one recipe just made me giddy. It was also some really good fish. Be cool for a dinner party.

7. Butternut Squash Ziti – A slightly lighter take on the baked pasta dish. Really good Fall flavors and the leftovers rock.

6. SpanakopizzaI came up with this idea independently and then realized only after posting it that Rachel Ray had the same idea. Mine’s better though. Seriously.

5. Nutella Surprise Cookies – My favorite cookies from cookie week this year.

4. Roy G. Biv Smoothies – I would like to think that I learn something from every post, but I learned something big in this post: There are no natural blue foods in the world. Go ahead. Look around. I’ll wait.

See. Told ya.

3. Super Tomato Risotto – This was the only duplicate on both lists. I loved this dish very much.

2. Guys Night (Carnitas) – These were some good tacos, but it was also an awesome night of Risk and beers which I enjoyed. I didn’t enjoy the next day very much, but oh well.

1. Frozen Personal Pizzas I’m not entirely sure why this was my favorite post. I think because I was surprised that it actually worked and that the pizzas were still good months later. It gave us a lot of great quick meals.

Looking back on all these posts makes me really excited to cook in 2011.

I think it’s going to be a good year.

If you had a favorite post in 2010 (mine or yours or somebody else’s), leave a comment with the link!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these great recipes! I've started a new cooking blog myself and would any feedback or comments you can give, so please be sure to check out The Savvy Kitchen at http://savvykitchen.blogspot.com/. I look forward to continuing reading your blog in 2011!

  2. I discovered you in 2010, and my kitchen is all the better because I did! You are one of my favorite food bloggers – lots of delicious inspiration. And as a wanna-be food blogger myself, 300 posts is a SERIOUS accomplishment. Congrats! Here's to an inspirational 2011 in the kitchen and the desktop too!

  3. Coffee Coffee Cake RULES!!!!!!!!!!
    and the best part is that we don't have Buttermilk in Brazil ! So we had to improvise! hahhaha

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