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2010 Annual Deep Fry Party


2010 Annual Deep Fry Party

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A few weeks ago I hosted (with the helps of some friends) the third annual Deep Fry Party! This party started a few years ago when one of my very good friends decided to move to Bulgaria. So we threw her a going away party that involved frying lots of good stuff in my turkey fryer.

It was so much fun that we decided to do it the next year and again this year!

Here’s the thing though: People are getting good at the deep fry party.

The idea behind the party in its current state is pretty straightforward, I set-up my turkey fryer (description is a bit more thorough in last year’s post), I supply a few staples (fried chicken, french fries, etc) and then fry whatever else people bring.

This year people completely blew my mind with the stuff they brought.

The Food. I started the party off by making some really good fried chicken. If you’re in the market, this brined fried chicken recipe makes some of the best fried chicken I’ve had. It was seriously out of this world. You don’t have to deep-fry it though. Pan frying or even baking it is a fine option. We had some leftover that I baked the next day and it was still really good.

No photos of the chicken. Sorry. It was gone too fast.

While I don’t have a photo of the fried chicken, I can show you a picture of Fried Chicken, which is the name we gave a friendly cat that came over as we were making the fried chicken.

fried chicken
Friendly Fried Chicken

Besides the chicken, there was a lot of fries of course. Beautifully crisp fries.

french fry

Pickles have also become a pretty solid staple at the deep fry party. Coat them in some cornmeal and they are ready to fry.

Pickles in cornmeal

Then there was tons of interesting stuff that people brought. We had coconut shrimp, which were excellent.

coconut shrimp
Yummy shrimp

We also had a pretty good assortment of veggies that we beer battered and fried up.

Making veggies unhealthy since 2008

But then we had some seriously interesting stuff. Not everything is photographed. Some of it you will have to take my word for.

One thing that was photographed though was deep fried pork ribs. Yea, that’s right.

Those are spare ribs. I have no idea how they were prepared.

And this is what I mean when I say that people have gotten good that this party. They bring stuff that I have no idea how they prepared and we fry it and it’s delicious.

There were three completely awesome examples of people ruling at deep frying this year:

1) The above ribs. They were amazing and he brought them on a whim.

2) These things my friend, Jeff, brought which were basically grilled hot dog pieces inside mozzarella sticks. If I recall correctly he made these by melting an entire block of mozzarella, pouring it into a large plastic bag, adding all the hot dog pieces, smooshing it around, chilling it so the cheese solidified, then chopping up the pieces and breading them for frying.

As you might imagine, they worked out pretty darn well.

cheese stick
Umm… yea. These worked just fine.

3) A few of the party attendees were from Texas and they said that the thing at the fairs this year is deep fried Frito pie (See this list for that and more). So they recreated it! They added chili, cheese, and jalapenos to Frito scoops and froze them. Then we battered them up and fried them! No photos… sorry they went too fast, but they were really tasty.

Then there was the sweet stuff. The surprise of the night was these deep fried strawberries that were actually very tasty.

Better than expected

And of course we had to have some of these. I don’t need to tell you what they are.

Classic. Standard. A must have.

The Stages of a Cook. I really enjoy these parties, but they do remind me why I could never own or seriously work in a restaurant. I just don’t think I have the stamina. We started this deal at about 5PM and ended around 11PM. Most chefs work for like twice that long.

My awesome photographer for the day (Yasmin also photographed our wedding!) did a pretty solid job of documenting my slide into craziness.

See this. I’m a happy host! Happy and smiling!

proud host
A proud deep fry host.

A few hours later I’m still in good spirits! My hair’s a bit slick due to the oil, but I’m still the jokester!

happy host
Playful host.

A few hours later darkness has fallen and I’m still thrilled to be making good food.

still happy
Still happy!

A few hours later and I’m getting a bit kooky.

working host
Gettin’ a bit delusional…

And then I’m very skeptical that we are ever going to be finished frying things.

skeptical host
I’m skeptical of what’s happening.

And when it’s finally all over… I need a drink!

And… I’ve gone completely loco.

But seriously this as a fantastic party. One of my favorite parties of the year. If you have some willing friends and feel like picking up a turkey fryer, it’s a fun way to spend a day.

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  1. Oh! That sounds like a Money party! I am glad you got a little taste of what it is like to be a chef. I have a feeling you could hold your own in a kitchen though, you showed a lot of dedication and passion into just this poT. That is exactly what you need when faced with 200+ covers on a Saturday night and your station is the calamari station!
    I knew a guy who once battered a Big Mac and fried it. Apparently it tasted really good! (I am shuddering thinking about it!)
    perhaps for your next fry-off, you could try deep fried ice cream: scoop up your ice cream, freeze it solid, then double batter it in crushed corn flakes. After 30 seconds of frying, you will have a hot crust, with perfect ice cream inside!

  2. Seriously, Evans! This looks amazing. The strawberries?! Uh wow. You are clearly going to make friends where ever you go. But the real question is Betsy in the background with a fire extinguisher?

  3. LOL!! love it. where did i see a deep fry party? oh on the cooking channel. they had a system down! imena everything was lined up ready to go and there was adequate ventilation.
    love the oreo's best, of course.

  4. What about a fried cat?
    Just kidding, Though I am not sure about people from China and Thailand.
    I love fried food very much. alas it doesn't love me.
    So I "fry" my food in water or just a spoon of oil.
    Thank you (?) for wakening all the juices in my mouth.

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