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Blueberry Yogurt Cake

Easy Blueberry Yogurt Cake

I first learned about this easy blueberry yogurt cake recipe in a parenting book I read before I actually had kids, called Bringing Up Bebé. The original didn’t have blueberries, but it was an easy addition for me. It’s a classic French recipe that is one of the first things that parents make with their […]

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Nick Evans

Hello! My name is Nick Evans and I write and manage Macheesmo. I started Macheesmo 11 years ago when I was just learning my way around the kitchen. I love to cook and love everything food-related, but I have no formal training. These days I focus on fast, accessible recipes with the occasional “reach” recipe!

I’ve posted almost 2,000 recipes on Macheesmo. For each one, I do my best to give full explanations of what I did and tips on what I’d do differently next time. I’ll bring up the tricky parts and the easy parts.

I hope you can find something and cook something!


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Black Eyed Pea Soup

Black Eyed Pea Soup with Ham

If there’s one recipe that must be on my list to make every year, it’s this black-eyed pea soup. Since I was a child, I’ve always had a big pot of it simmering on the stove during New Years because, apparently, it’s good luck for the entire year!  While I’m not positive about the good luck promise, […]