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Ultimate Guide to Homemade Pizza via Macheesmo

Crisp crackling crusts and gooey, stringy cheese is something that the home cook has pined after for years and years. While it’s tough to match a really good brick oven pie with a homemade pizza, you can get pretty close with a good recipe and a few key tips. Plus, you can now and forever just skip over any of those chain delivery joints.

This is a collection of pretty much anything and everything you need to make really delicious homemade pizza, from dough to sauce.

I’ve compiled over 100 resources and links from my most trusted reading list so just go ahead and bookmark this bad boy right this minute.

Making Homemade Pizza Dough

Many people think that good homemade pizza is all about the recipe, but it’s really all about the crust. You can buy a variety of pizza doughs these days, but making homemade pizza dough yourself is the best way to go. Follow these links and you’ll be well on your way!

Homemade Pizza Sauces

Ok. Pick your crust and the next step is homemade pizza sauce. Just combining the above crusts with the below sauces gives you a pretty solid list of homemade pizza recipes. It should keep you busy for many pizza parties!

Homemade Pizza Recipes

With a good dough and a good sauce recipe, you can pretty much toss anything on a pizza, but sometimes it helps to have an actual homemade pizza recipe. Here’s a bunch of my favorites, new and old!

Pizza Miscellany via Macheesmo

Classic pizza flavors (dough, meat cheese, veggies) go great in all kinds of things. Here are some delicious, if maybe a bit different, ways to sneak it into homemade pizza!

Equipment and Gear

Believe it or not, you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to make really good pie. You can make the dough by hand and cook it on a plain baking sheet and get pretty good results (you can even roll it out with a wine bottle). If you get into it though, grabbing some of these things will make your life much easier (and pizza better)!

Making the Ultimate Guide Even More Ultimate!

I did my best to include resources and recipes that I personally love in this list, but I’m sure I missed good stuff out there on the Internet.

If you have a high quality post or recipe that you think would be a good fit on this guide, shoot me an email or, even better, leave a comment with a link!


The ultimate guide to making delicious homemade pizza at home, with over 100 resources, links, and recipes!

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29 comments on “Ultimate Guide to Homemade Pizza

  1. WOW, what an effort to put all of this together for your readers. Thank you so much. So many choices, what to try first?

    1. Of course Cindy! That’s my job! Haha. If it goes well, I have plans to make other guides like this for large categories of cooking. :)

  2. Wow. WOW! Thank you so much for doing this! Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any better…you get better!

  3. The “pin” worked fine for me. Great, great resource. This is a fantastic example of evergreen long form content. More in your niche need to be doing this. Well done!

  4. Best overview I have ever seen. I’ve made the Quinoa Crust from Deliciously Ella and I look forward to trying several more of these! Pin worked great for me. Everyone should keep a tag to this blog post.

  5. I was so excited to see that you found my stuffed pizza. A) because I’m new to blogging and B) because I saw you on TV, and had to make a mushroom burger after your Food Fight! I was happy to find your blog through the show.
    Love your blog and this is a great post considering how much I love pizza, I will be referring back to it.

  6. Do you like sauerkraut and pastrimie? Just came up with a new pizza. Crust,sauce, mozzerala, layer of salame,layer of pastrimie. cook.when done put warm saerkraut on top. finish with hot sauce or mustard. very good.

  7. This is why I love your blog. It is such an amazing resource! Your blog has been one of my go to’s for a while when I have questions or need inspiration. Thanks Nick!

  8. Great guide. I make pizza frequently and think more people should do so. Your guide should encourage a lot of people in that direction!

    I want to nominate Dinner A Love Story’s Stromboli recipe for your Miscellany section. Same ingredients and flavors, in a different package. Sometimes, it just seems easier than pizza.

  9. Oh my.. some amazing tips and links there. I better get pizza-ing!

    I have a few recipes on my blog for a dough with greek yoghurt and flour and a puff pastry base too!
    Bec x

  10. This is freakin’ awesome…I am by no means a junk food fan but when it comes to pizza everybody watch out. This is an extremely helpful resource. Thanks!

  11. Wow, I’m in pizza heaven! Amazing collection of all things pizza, love it. Thanks so much for including my Greek Pita Pizza!

  12. I have great memories as a kid making homemade pizza with my family. However, I have been terrible at making pizza on my own. I am excited to try some of these recipes that you liked to. Thanks for taking the time to compile all of these recipes! Hopefully, I can get some great homemade pizza…instead of the “pizza” cardboard I have made in the past!

  13. That’s a lot of different types of dough and crust. I don’t know if I can make them all! However, maybe what I can do is try them all. I’m looking to find restaurants with a unique style of bread and toppings. Do you know of any restaurant that uses a bacon chive pizza dough?

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