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Tuesday Treats: Coffee!

On a cold winter morning, there really is nothing like a hot cup of coffee.  I’m actually not even a huge coffee person, but when I do have it, I like it to be good.

Recently, Betsy and I have been making coffee with a tiny pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg on the grounds.  It gives the coffee a really nice complex flavor that’s pretty hard to beat.

We’ve also been rocking the French press recently so I thought it might be fun to give a few of them away for a Tuesday Treat!

The French Press

Granted, it’s a bit more work to make a French press cup of coffee.  You have to grind the coffee, heat up water, stir the grounds, wait a few minutes, and then finally press and enjoy.

I think the taste makes up for the work difference though.  You can actually make the coffee a lot stronger because the French press method doesn’t leave your coffee with that bitter flavor.  It’s a very soft flavor.

I think the French press is one of those kitchen items that most people might not buy for themselves, but once you have it, and you get used to using it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Once you’re brewing really good French press coffee, you can make stuff like these mocha muffins, or one of my favorites: coffee coffee cake.

The Giveaway

A French press by itself is pretty useless unless you have a coffee grinder to go with it.  Personally, I don’t use anything too fancy, but it gets the job done!

So, for this Tuesday Treat, I’m giving away two bundles of an eight cup Bodum French Press and a Krups electric coffee grinder.  If you already have a coffee grinder, then use this one for spices!  I have two and just have one labeled for spices only.

Tuesday Treat Rules

Just a reminder about the Tuesday Treat rules.

The whole idea behind these giveaways is that they are quick. This contest will close at7PM Eastern time tonight (Tuesday) and I’ll pick TWO winners at random. That means that you have just 12 hours to sign up. Unfortunately, I can’t ship internationally so just U.S. entries please.

Those two winners will get both the french press and the coffee grinder sent to them as soon as possible!

How to enter?

It doesn’t get much easier. Just leave a comment and you’re entered!

Good luck everyone!

The Winners!

Congrats to Meg and Cassie for being the luckiest readers of the day!

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222 comments on “Tuesday Treats: Coffee!

  1. ahhhh, I truly enjoy coffee. Even though I’m not a connoisseur on identifying the different blends, I can definitely tell the difference between a good strong cup of coffee or a weak watery blend. I really am looking forward to this contest because we need a better coffee grinder. Ours is so old and doesn’t grind the beans evenly :/

  2. I love my coffee every morning!!! Since moving though, I’ve sadly been having instant coffee every morning (unless I feel like making the trip to the coffee shop pre-workout/work). Kind of disappointing! I know i have to get a French press or something soon. :)

  3. I’m not a big coffee lover either, but I’ve always heard that the French Press makes the best coffee. I hope I win so I can test this person!

  4. My late husband introduced me to coffee, good strong coffee. Thanks for this opportunity.

  5. Though I did not get my entry in soon enough, I will chime in and say we LOVE our French Press! My brother sends us beans from BB Bean Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs! A match made in coffee heaven!

  6. love Coffee & anything made with coffee ~ did you know that coffee is great when cooking roasts it tenderizes even the toughest cuts of meat

  7. I have started using the press within the last few weeks also! Love it but need a bigger one. I was handed down a 10 ounce!

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