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Grilling a whole turkey? Yes please.
by Nick

Happy Friendsgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Because I’m spending the day in the kitchen, as you can imagine, I thought I would post a few photos from a fun event I went to last weekend called “Friendsgiving.” The idea being that since so many people in DC are transient and everybody leaves for Thanksgiving, why not have a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving.

It was a fantastic idea and a huge hit with the attending crowd. Sorry that the photos are a bit fuzzy, I did my best given most of these were taken after an unknown amount of drink. Say hello to the lovely hosts:

Is it rude to take photos of peole while they are eating?

Is it rude to take photos of peole while they are eating?

When I got the invite the host told me he was going to be grilling turkey. For some reason I thought this meant he was going to be grilling turkey breast. Look at that guy though. You think he does anything half-hearted? Heck no. He meant grill the entire bird of course using a thing called a “turkey cannon.” 

This turkey cannon was a new piece of equipment for me, but basically it allows you to sit the bird up on a long tube and pour beer into it. It makes for a pretty darn good bird.

Grilling a whole turkey? Yes please.

Grilling a whole turkey? Yes please.

Everybody was encouraged to bring a dish or two. I brought these. This photo only shows about 1/10 of the total food there. 

What's that green thing?

What's that green stuff?

Let’s zoom in on one of the more famous dishes brought by a patron: Seafoam Salad

A very strange dish.

A very strange dish.

This dish is neither from the sea or a salad. It appears completely unappetizing. In reality I found it pretty tasty because I realized that I had been eating a variation on this dish for years. The recipe is so unique that I’m planning a separate post dedicated to the Seafoam Salad!

So Friendsgiving was a huge success. Hopefully, there will be many more in my future. 

The Man Behind Macheesmo!
The Man Behind Macheesmo!

Things wrong with this picture:

1) My receding hairline is prominent.
2) My phone wigged out and there is some sort of odd color situation happening on the left.
3) According to her, the Macheesmo taste-tester’s bangs are crooked. This almost haulted the posting of this, but luckily she is very pretty even with crooked bangs.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody and if you want to see photos of what I’m actually cooking today, be sure to check out my twitter account. I’ll be Tweeting my head off today I’m sure.

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