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Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches
Happy Mornings
by Nick

Breakfast Sandwiches

Admin Note: Since this post, I’ve remade these using a better technique.  Be sure to check out my Breakfast Sandwiches Revisited.

After I made baked chicken nuggets a few weeks ago and explained my deal with Betsy (if she wants something from McD’s, I try to make it for her), I got a few emails saying that the only meal some people will eat at McDonald’s is breakfast. Breakfast sandwiches to be specific.

This struck me as kind of odd because most of the stuff on their breakfast menu is even easier to reproduce at home than the stuff on their other menus. Take their classic Egg McMuffin for example. I was able to make some breakfast sandwiches in no time that I would put up against their version any day of the week.

Breakfast Sandwiches

The Rundown

I made 12 breakfast sandwiches for this post because they are really easy to freeze and they reheat nicely. I used the same basic ingredients for my versions (English Muffins, eggs, cheese). I also used butter while they use something called “Liquid Margarine.”

My total bill for these came to $16.00 or about $1.33/sandwich. I think McD’s sells them for about $1 a piece, so it would cost you maybe $12-$13 to buy the same sandwiches there.

Here’s some interesting facts though about what a bit of time and that extra $3 gets you:

  • Whole Grains. McD’s uses “enriched” wheat flour in their product. I used a nice whole wheat product.
  • No Less Saturated Fat. Their version has 5 grams.
  • Less Sodium. One McDonald’s Egg McMuffin (with no sausage or anything) has 580g of sodium, about 1/4 of what you should be eating every day.
  • Real Cheese. I used a nice medium cheddar cheese. Their version can barely be called cheese.
  • Storability. I can freeze mine. I wouldn’t recommend buying an Egg McMuffin and then coming home and freezing it. That means when I want one, I just have to open my freezer.
  • A few, real ingredients. Guess how many ingredients (most of which you can’t pronounce) are in an Egg McMuffin… 55. English Muffin. Cheese. Egg. 55 ingredients. Go figure.
12 Sandwiches
Prep Time
Total Time

Just a moment please...

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches


  • English Muffins
  • Large eggs
  • Cheese (I used about 10 ounces for 12 sandwiches.)
  • Butter, or olive oil (optional)
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1) Lightly oil a muffin tin and crack an egg in each tin.

2) Bake the muffin tin with eggs in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. Depending on your egg size, start checking them early to make sure they are cooked through. Try not to overcook them!

3) Slice all the muffins and toast them in the oven for 10 minutes or you can toast them one at a time if you want.

4) Add an egg, grated cheese, and any protein or veggies that you want to each sandwich.

5) If you want to eat one right away, I recommend sticking it in the oven as a sandwich for 5-10 minutes to melt the cheese and everything.

6) You can also stick all your sandwiches on a baking sheet and stick it in the freezer. Leave them in the freezer until they are frozen, about an hour. Then wrap each sandwich individually in plastic or foil and store all the individually wrapped sandwiches in a freezer safe bag.

7) When reheating, you can microwave if you're in a hurry, but it'll make the muffin soggy. If you can plan ahead a bit, bake the sandwich at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. You can even keep it wrapped in the foil if you used foil to store the sandwiches.

ingredients - Breakfast Sandwiches

Three basic things.

Breakfast Sandwiches – Cooking the Eggs

To get that classic Egg McMuffin shape to the egg is kind of tricky. Oh wait. No it’s not. Just grab a muffin tin and and very lightly oil each spot in the tin with either butter or spray oil (I used a very small amount of butter on a paper towel.)

Then crack an egg in each muffin area!

Breakfast sandwiches Perfect Eggs

Well that was easy.

Stick these in a 350 degree oven for about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes for sandwiches like this, I like my eggs runny, but since I was freezing them and everything, I thought it’s probably a better idea to make sure they are cooked through.

While you’re waiting for your eggs to cook, grate some cheese.

Cheese grated for breakfast sandwiches

Use your favorite. I think pepper jack would rule.

After about 10-15 minutes, you’ll have these perfectly cooked, perfectly shaped eggs. These are just asking to be put on a sandwich!

Eggs cooked for breakfast sandwiches


I also decided to toast up all my English muffins. Given that I was making a bunch, I just sliced all of my muffins in half and laid them all out on a baking sheet. After about 10 minutes in the oven (you can toast these at the same time as your eggs are cooking), they’ll be toasty and ready to go.

toasted buns for Breakfast Sandwiches

The English muffin makes the best sandwiches

Making the sandwich

This is not rocket science people. Take half of a muffin, add some cheese, add an egg, and apply the top half of the muffin.

If you’re so inclined, add a tiny smear of butter onto the top half of the muffin, just for some added flavor. You could also hit the sandwich with some pepper if you wanted or even some hot sauce!

making a sandwich - Breakfast Sandwiches

The butter is optional.

Once everything is set, it doesn’t take much time to bang out a whole bunch of these. I would never call this Fast Food, but it’s definitely a fast way to make food.

Breakfast Sandwiches made

So very simple.

Now you have two options:

Eat these right away!

If you wanted to eat these right away, just stick them back in the oven for 5 or 10 minutes until they are warmed through and the cheese is melted and delicious.


Store for later!

If you want to store these for later, stick all your sandwiches on a baking sheet and put them all in the freezer, uncovered and unwrapped. Leave them in there for about an hour. This will give them a chance to give off some moisture and also freeze a bit. If you were to wrap them up right away then there would be all kinds of liquid that would condense.

But don’t forget about them or they’ll get freezer burned. Pull them all out after an hour or two and wrap them individually in plastic wrap or foil and then store them in a freezer safe plastic bag. They will keep for a few weeks without a problem.

breakfast sandwiches again

From the top.

Breakfast Sandwiches – Tip for Heating (or Reheating)

There is really only one tip: Don’t use a microwave. I tried one in the microwave and it is just okay. It’s definitely edible and if you’re in a rush, it’ll have to do, but if you have the time, heat them in the oven. From completely frozen to warm and melted, it’ll take about 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

The problem with the microwave is that the muffin tends to get a bit soggy. And nobody likes a soggy muffin!

breakfast sandwichs again

Try not to nuke these.

Do these breakfast sandwiches require a tiny bit more time and money than the Fast Food version? I suppose so yes. I can’t deny that.

But I do think that the tiny extra effort and amount of money you put in will pay handsome dividends in almost all cases. In this case, you get practically the same dish except it’s way healthier and tastes better.

Muffin Tin Breakfast Sandwiches! Make 12 eggs in a muffin tin and they fit perfectly on English muffins for breakfast sandwiches. Freeze them for later!

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488 comments on “Breakfast Sandwiches

  1. $16?! That seems like a lot. Waiting and buying on sale, one could easily spend one-third of that amount, which would make it much more economical. But even if it cost slightly more in your instance, a McD's sandwich could never beat a fresh, homemade one!

    1. Oh yea… you could definitely do cheaper. I bought nice eggs and whole grain muffins which were a bit more expensive.

    2. For $16, from the picture, it looked like he used all natural ingredients, name brand cheese, and organic eggs. Not that there's anything wrong with that! But If you want them to be cheaper than McDonalds I bet they would be if you used store brand cheese and english muffins (my safeway has storebrand 100% whole wheat english muffins) and regular old nothin fancy eggs. It would still be healthier than going the fast food route too. I can't wait to try out this recipe:) I'd like to try out reheating them in a toaster oven

    3. its a little easier, and less mess if you spray your muffin tins with oil spray and line the tins with the paper muffin liners …. no mess

    4. Just letting y’all know…I work at McDonalds and we charge way more than a dollar per muffin! I know its between 3 and 5, but I’m not sure the exact price. So yeah, i’d definitely go for this cheaper, healthier method!!!

      1. I managed a McDonalds. The sausage muffins are $1. The muffins with eggs and sausage are something like $1.50. The egg mcmuffin, which has ham on it is over $3.00.

        1. Apparently managers are not required to know prices. The cheapest McMuffin with egg is the Sausage McMuffin with egg and it’s $2.79, not $1.50.

  2. Add all of the ingredients in your ingredients (especially the bread and "liquid margarine") and while I don't think it will be close to 55, I bet there's 20. More if using a presliced processed cheese (simply because they melt easier without being greasy which can happen with regular cheese when melted). It would be interesting to know what the fat and sodium contents were in actual comparison.

    What about Popeye's red beans and rice or gravy? Since I left Florida, I haven't been able to have it and it was my favorite fast food items. Or Sonic's Cherry Limeade. I have been trying for months to get it right, but I just can't get it.

    1. That might be right. I didn’t use “Liquid Margarine”. That was the Big M’s version.

      Cherry Limeade! Nice call… I love that drink in the summer.

        1. McD’s uses fresh eggs, english muffins, (yes white ones), 1 slice of processed american cheese and lean canadian bacon on an egg mcmuffin. if you ask for no margarine, they will do that. Take off the cheese and the muffin comes to 300 calories. not sure how that’s such a bad thing?

          1. The muffins are prebuttered before they even cook them. they fry the eggs and the ham on the stove – more butter so the eggs don’t stick. they are far from healthy.

      1. Sonic also has a diet Cherry Limeade. Delicious. And from 2 pm to 4 pm every weekday, they are available at happy hour price!

    2. I was thinking the same thing about the ingredient list. I'm sure it's much, much better for you than McDonalds, but it's not 4 ingredients compared to 55! It is still a wonderful idea though that I will definitely be making for the Hubby and I that leave for work before 6 a!

    3. i worked at sonic…all you need is some cherry syrup(med has about 1/2tsp) sprite(or any other lemon lime drink) and a quarter slice lime squezzed in

  3. How about a chalupa? Like what Taco Bell makes? I can't ever figure out what to put with the ground beef to get it exactly right. I've tried several "copy cat" recipes and none of them have been close enough for me to consider making again. :-( Oooh, or how about making a stuffed crust pizza where the cheese actually stays INSIDE the crust? What's the secret to that?

    1. I used to work at Papa Murphy’s and the owners would braid string cheese into the crust, like the braid on Papa Murphy’s stuffed or desert pizza. I don’t know if there’s a how to video anywhere.. maybe. It’s kind of hard to describe how you do it.

    2. as far as pizza crust goes make dough and put string cheese on edges and roll over stick——- works great

  4. It would never occur to me to pre-make and then freeze breakfast sandwiches, but hot diggity that’s a pretty solid idea!

    And I say cheap shmeap — the whole reason you don’t want to blow your dough at a fast-food joint is that you’re not paying for anything but filler, saturated fat, grease and warming lamps. I’d rather pay a little more for higher quality food — not “food product.”

  5. Grade B eggs.. most of the time you can find a dozen that have mostly brown eggs in them. More than likely one of the eggs in a EB (or the like) egg carton broke. Much less expensive. Unless you HAVE to eat only organic, that’s the way to go. (The eggs my aunt brings home are from a farm, can’t get any better than that)

  6. McD’s for a buck is the sausage mc muffin – which I think is their nasty sausage on a muffin. No egg, no cheese. An egg McMuffin has canadian bacon ( which yours is missing ) but is like $2.69 or more.

    I make these at home with canadian bacon or ham. They’re awesome.

  7. I don’t see how yours has no saturated fats, because as far as I know, the milk fats in cheese and butter are both saturated.

    Regardless, these look fantastic, and I’ll have to mention freezing them to the gentleman, who tends to make himself one fresh at 5:30am on a work day, only he adds a slice of ham. Yum.

  8. Nah, to be authentic McD’s, you need to add about 1/2 cup of salt! Everything there tastes so salty to me.

    Great breakfast idea, especially with a houseful of guests.

  9. I make these somewhat often on the weekend for my dear darling husband and myself. Although I usually put bacon on them too. I have never thought about freezing them, though-yet another Nick idea I need to steal!

  10. Gosh, I really enjoyed reading this post. Although I do not eat at McDonalds, no bad reason, just enjoy cooking at home so much. This is a post that really caught my attention because it is so easy to prepare. Wish more Mom’s, would read it. Maybe I should post it on the PTA board. Yeah!

    Love this blog presentation, the photos are great and it’s all “get to the point” in a friendly way.
    Luv it!

  11. Very nice looking if not lots of work……………hate to say it that even as an owner of an organic food company I’ll keep going to McD’s for this breakfast — although not a regular thing — $1.65 per sandwich, when you buy 2 at a time $1.00 for any size delicious Newman’s Organic Coffee (I realize Newman’s Coffee may not be offered where you live — to bad).

    My Golden Retriever looks forward to eating the second sandwich — we do this no more than once a month.

    How often would you or should you eat this stuff? — for me the perfect breakfast is 1 cup of homemade, greek style, fat-free yogurt, 1/2 banana, 2-3 berries and 1/4 cup (1 ounce) Berkshire Grain Organic Granola. Nothing like homemade yogurt — makes you feel good, and so satisfying.

    Wanna lose weight?? Try my breakfast 2x/day — 1000mg of Calcium per day, eat one sensible main meal — you’d be surprised.

    As far as Nick’s Fast Food question……………….”Gimme that Filet of Fish, Gimme that Fish………….

    1. Yea… Honestly, I don’t eat these very often. I’ve had a few this week though and they are hitting the spot on a dreary week.

      Eating one right now actually as I go through these lovely comments! :)

  12. The sauce from chick-fil-a!!

    They are the only fast food chain I’ll eat at. The chicken sandwiches and fries are pretty good and easily replaced, but Mmmm that Chick-fil-a sauce! I really wish I could find a healthier replica and one without egg yolks.

    I’m a long time lurker, but I really like your blog! My Bf saw this post and was like “Must make egg mcmuffins!! AND ADD BACON!!!” I think his brain exploded from the idea of having breakfast sandwiches on hand at all times. We’ll definitely be making these! :)

  13. i just had a sausage egg mcmuffin from mcdonalds for breadkfast cos i was still trying to figure out how to make that kinda egg. I’ve tried so many ways with no success. I’ve even tried to use a bigger sized round shaped cookie cutter, it didnt work neither.

    now, what you did simply lights up my sky. how could i not think of using the muffin tin?!

    i think it’s my time to quit mcdonalds! :)

  14. I love these! And if I had a bigger freezer, I’d definitely make them. How would it work with sausage or bacon? Would they still be freezable?

  15. Thanks, Nick, for the great idea. My husband flies out the door every morning and usually forgets to eat breakfast or grabs something really bad.

    I’m going to make these egg Nick-muffins right away. I will probably add sausage/canadian bacon to the mix. I don’t think that changes the freezing/reheating method, don’t you think?

  16. These look great! I just finished eating one I made using these thin bagels, though I used processed cheese, and the egg was runny cause I wasn’t freezing it. But yum!

    I may have to go get me some English muffins though after seeing this. These would be pretty good to bring to school with me, even though we don’t have an oven. (better than vending machine burritos that’s for sure).

  17. OMG, if you could reproduce the Taco Bell Chilito at home, I would be in your debt forever!
    As for Sonic Cherry Limeade, you would probably be kind of disappointed to know it involves more “lemon-lime soda” (aka Sprite) that limeade. The Simply brand used to have a great version, but I haven’t seen it at the Teeter lately so I but the plain limeade, add some tonic water and slop in some Rose’s grenadine until it’s right. Also plays well with vodka, if you’ve had One of Those Days.

  18. My weakness – and my gateway to fast-food reverse-engineering – is the Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme.

    1. McRibs make me think of the processed meat rib sandwiches that they used to force us to eat in elementary. Bad memories of finding gristle and such.

    2. sad as it may be, my husband and I both love the mcrib! we don’t go often but when it’s mcrib time of year and shamrock shake time of year even us grown up like it…. and yes we know it is nasty stuff made with fillers, etc etc. thankfully they are both “seasonal” items!

  19. Mmm.. this would have been a way better breakfast this morning then the Cheerios I had! I do make this fairly often but microwave the egg (in a perfect sized ceramic dish I found just for this purpose!) while I toast the muffin. Adding a slice of ham on top of the egg before cooking it is even yummier… and real cheese!! I CANNOT deal with processed cheese, I was raised by hippies and that is just not food. Ick. Your wholesome mass production is very lovely Nick, but then aren’t you tempted to eat 3 or 4 (or 11) though??

  20. Way to sell it! You go, Boy!
    A good breakfast sammich is a thing of beauty. And the great thing is, they take almost no time at all to throw together. Thanks for showing the world how wrong they are about fast food :)

  21. I second the crunch wrap supreme, but I’d want it to feature ground turkey v. ground beef. (Wow, I’m a picky pants.)

    Or the spicy chicken from Wendy’s. I love that one!

  22. Cool idea. I make nearly the same sandwich one at a time for a quick breakfast. It takes about 5 minutes altogether–it definitely takes less time than going to McDonalds, and it’s so much better (mainly because of the cheese).

  23. I love your idea of making fast food at home and healthier. I was telling my mom about some of your recipes and how you're doing this challenge, and she immediately said "Wendy's chili!" So, I would like to submit that as an idea for your consideration :).

  24. I just made these over the weekend. (I am a little behind I know but I am new to the site) They were great. I added some back bacon and smoked cheddar which proved to be a great decision. One is warming up in the oven right now. Thanks for the great site. I look forward to trying many of the recipes on here.

  25. Nine ingredients in the muffins, I checked, so well under the 55 in the Egg McMuffin if you're using those, egg, cheese, butter/olive oil.

  26. I found these on Pinterest and used the photo on my blog. I am a now a follower of your blog and will definitely use your name in place of {source} next time :) Thank you for sharing such a great recipe!
    My recent post New Recipes

  27. Brilliant! I came across this recipe on pinterest and pinned it myself. Just came back this AM and made a version but with biscuits because that is what I had on hand. Complete hit and the muffin pan is just genius! Thanks so much for sharing!

  28. I am sure someone may have mentioned this in your many comments, but as far as cost goes I think you are ahead. If you allowed your child to order a drink for each of those meals, the cost would add up quickly. Not to mention you took one trip the grocery store to make all those sandwiches. You saved several trips worth of gas going to a fast food place for them. I can't wait to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing your mad cooking skills!!

  29. Stopping by for the first time and just love this post. I make meals for my mom that she can easily reheat. I think she would love these. I look forward to making a batch.

    Kindly, Lorraine
    My recent post Happy Cambrie

  30. Couldn't you make reheating these much faster if you simply didn't freeze the muffin? Make the eggs and freeze them. Maybe even grate your cheese ahead, if you like, or slice the cheese if you don't want to deal with a grater in the morning. It would only take you five or ten minutes to toast your muffin and you could defrost the egg in the microwave. I really think you could pare back the morning prep time.

    Maybe microwaving the egg would make it gummy?

  31. Serving sandwiches for breakfast or catering Fort Lauderdale can be fun because of all the varieties that you can make. Depending on you and your guests' preference of ingredients, you can create a colorful and delicious sandwich that everyone will love!

  32. Okay, so I didn't read through all the posts and I'm sure somebody else probably said it, but I'm going to say it anyway… you could even take this up a notch by scrambling your eggs in each tin and adding some chopped green onions, mushrooms, bell peppers – anything that you like.
    I just showed this post to my husband and he ran to the kitchen and is now barking out questions to me about how to make them. I suppose I should take my computer to him…
    Thanks fot the tip! I LOVE this!!!
    My recent post Totally Awesome!!!

  33. can't wait to try these! My husband always needs a quick meal in the morning. With dollar store english muffins and couponing the eggs and cheese, I think I could make a batch of 12 for $6! think i will use sliced american cheese rather than grating. the kids will love these too! thanks!

  34. I bet these would heat even more quickly in a toaster oven set to 325 (for those of us who are not so much of the morning folks). Also, they may cost more up front, but you save $$ on not buying the large soda and the hash browns you would probably get along with it. Thanks for the tips!

  35. Wow!! I never would have thought of making up a “batch” of these and freezing them. I followed a link from and you had me craving one of these–I’m 4 months pregnant so I’m blaming it on the baby. :) Anyway, I’ve never been a big fan of McD’s, so I wasn’t about to run out and get an Egg McMuffin from them, not to mention it’s 9PM and they don’t sell them now anyway. Well the bread store is closed, but I had a bagel in my fridge, so I scrambled two eggs, mixed in some cheese, toasted the bagel and, after sharing half with my hubby, had a close substitute. One that will do anyway until I can get to the bread store tomorrow to get some English muffins for the real thing. I’m definitely going to try freezing these as I’m not awake enough in the morning to try to make these in time for my husband to have breakfast before he leaves for work. As long as I remember to put them in the oven when we first get up so they’re hot when he’s ready to eat we’ll be good to go. Thanks for a great idea.

  36. we've been making something similar to this for many many years. actually, i remember my mom making them for supper sometimes when i was younger. we just fried the eggs in a frying pan, smooshing them after flipping so the egg yolk got completely cooked, and putting a slice of canadian bacon in with them. absolutely delicious!! my husband makes one almost every night before work the next morning. he toasts the english muffin, fries the egg with some salt and pepper in the frying pan, then puts ketchup on his muffin after it is toasted. he doesn't put cheese on when he's making them the night before, but puts some chipped or sliced ham in. he wraps and refrigerates it at night, then he reheats it in the morning in the microwave.

  37. LOVE this recipe and can't WAIT to try it myself. We're an all organic eating family so getting this at McDonalds would've been an absolute no no for us. But now that I know how to make it I can just grab the organic ingredients I want and have a healthy (and yummy) breakfast!

    My recent post Thursday Blog Hops

  38. Great idea! I waited till Thomas English muffins were BOGO at Publix so I spent $4 for 12 English muffins, $1.79 for 1 dozen eggs and about $1.50 for the necessary cheese, so 12 muffins for less than $7.50.

  39. guess I'll be the one to ask the silly question :/ do you reheat these in the oven in the foil? or on a cookie sheet ?? Just curious since I rarely freeze things and thought this would be a good thing to try.

  40. Great idea, but I have to say my oven reheated sandwich was not very good compared to the fresh one I ate when I first made them. It took forever to heat up and then the yoke was still cold and the whites were rubbery. Maybe if I cooked the eggs less in the first step for next time, but I'm not sure reheated eggs are all that tasty. Would make a nice breakfast for a crowd though.

  41. Saw your fabulous egg cooking idea on pinterest, and applied it to my eggs Benedict! I always have to make at least 15 for our family, (of which 3 are hungry men-1 who plays highscool football and can eat!)It made it so easy making the eggs in the oven! They cooked while my English muffins toasted in the oven at the same time!
    I’m making your egg sandwiches for the freezer next for my guys!

    Thanks so much!

  42. Just made these but added Canadian bacon to them. Hopefully this will be the end of my drive thru breakfast!

  43. Just want to say a huge "THANKS!" for this great idea! I'm making my 2nd batch of a dozen, then freezing for my husband to eat for breakfast . . he leaves for work at 6:45 and I've always wanted to be the kind of wife who cooks for her man before sending him off into the world .. but, well, you know.

    Anyway – now he thinks I'm the best wife in the world and actually thanks me every day for making these for him!

  44. I would make and freeze only the egg, reheat just the egg at 50% for a minute at a time until hot while toasting a fresh english muffin. Slap the egg and a slice of cheese on the fresh toasted english muffin and voila… done in just a few minutes.

    To freeze for later convenience: I would lay the cooked eggs on a parchment lined cookie sheet until frozen then just shove them in a freezer bag or container for easy grabbing in the morning.

    Also, an egg and cheese mcmuffin with no meat is $2.49 at my local McD's.

  45. I've made these a few times now and my kids love them! We have been playing around with microwaving them, and it DOES work, and pretty successfully, we find. What has worked for us is microwaving on defrost for 3min and then removing the egg and microwaving JUST the egg for about 10sec. Obviously, microwaves differ, but defrost seems to be the way to go. Thanks for a great recipe!

  46. I bought a microwave egg cooker (holds two) for about $2.50 at the grocery store and make something similar every morning. My kiddos just like the egg; no cheese, no meat… (gotta love easy-pleasers). Anyway, while I'm toasting the english muffins (which, while not organic, I can get for only $1/6 at our local Albertson's) I nuke the eggs, butter the muffins, then hand them out with a paper towel to each kid as we head out the door. I don't think it takes more than 10 mins to make 4 of them!

  47. thanks for this idea! i made them for a work breakfast for 36 today. cooked the eggs and muffins last night, assembled and bagged them all today, let everyone microwave their own. for the groceries to make these i was under $40 for our whole crew and i know if i picked up fast food, i would have been over $50. sure it look a little bit of time, but everyone said they were better than the fast food version.

  48. I came across your recipe last night and knew immediately what I wanted to make for my kids and their sleepover guests for breakfast. So, this morning I got everything going – umm, super easy…took maybe 3 minutes to get everything together and start cooking, the oven took longer to heat up than to prep! I followed your directions, and while it was cooking, i got to get my vacumming done — it was so refreshing not to have to spend another meal standing over the stove the whole time, I got my chores done – an extra plus!! Well, the results were amazing! These were way better then McD’s, and for a house of kids to say so, that really means something. Tis recipe is going into my arsenal forever, thank you so much for sharing!!

      1. I scramble mine in advance in the bottom of a measuring cup in the micro, or scramble a “sheet” of eggs and use a bisquit cutter. Putting frozen round sausage patties into the sandwich gives them a lot of flavor when they reheat.

  49. Not sure if someone already commented this, but Egg McMuffins from McDs are actually almost $3 each (when they are not on special, like buy one get one).

  50. I do not know if anyone has said this before, as I don’t have time to read over 100 comments. But we tried this today and it works with Egg Beaters. (1/4 cup=1 egg.)

  51. We make an individual version of these breakfast sanwiches and cook the egg in a coffee mug in the microwave! We wipe the inside of the mug with a little oil, break the yolk ( or it will explode), and cook for about 20 – 40 seconds until egg is done. Then add to toasted English muffin with cheese and Canadian Bacon if desired.

  52. Made these a week ago and froze them. I am now having a hard time reheating them in the oven. The egg and sausage (I added a turkey sausage patty for some protein.) would be cold and the muffin would be a little to toasted. So I took the directions off the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and microwaved one. It worked great. Wrap in a paper-towel cook 1:30 minutes on defrost then flip and cook 1minute on high. The egg and sausage was fully cooked and the muffin was nice and soft. Yummy!!!

  53. Thanks so much for this recipe! I have made them twice now. I bought English muffins for .89 a package at the hostess bread outlet. I added sausage as I got that for $1/12 oz roll. So yummy!

  54. I am trying this today, is it okay to cook the eggs, freeze and add the cheese, meat, etc. later? I love this idea. Great to make for my husband and I, or to make in advance for company. what a great idea!!!!

    1. Sure, but that doesn’t really save you that much time. The eggs take just as long to cook as the meat so you could just cook them at the same time later on.

      The real time savings comes from making the whole sandwich and freezing it.

      Good luck!

  55. I’m just wondering about the cost of heating an oven to 350 degrees for 25 minutes for one breakfast sandwich. My oven is electric, and I try to use it as little as possible. In the interest of saving energy I wonder if defrosting it first would make it quick to warm up in a pan instead? Anyone else have ideas about faster/less energy ways to warm these sandwiches up- without resorting to the microwave? Otherwise, I’d deal with a soggy muffin…

    1. Andrea posted a good solution on 9/21: Prepare and freeze just the cooked egg, and instead of baking the whole sandwich in the oven, nuke the egg and toast a “fresh” muffin, slap ’em together and go!

  56. Thanks, Mama, for a great recipe! I make these when we are camping but never thought of making them at home and freezing! Awesome!

    Loved that you didn’t use “plastic cheese” as my kids call it. ;-)

    When camping, I also give the kids the option of adding red onion slices, olives, tomatoes, lettuce…and they do!

    btw, if you buy the day old muffins at McGavins, you can get 6 for $1. You can get whole wheat, sour dough, etc.

  57. i didn’t read your other comments but i was thinking about how to reheat them quickly…couldn’t you just freeze the egg?? then all you’d have to do is reheat the egg in the micro while the english muffin is in the toaster. You could always keep the english muffins in a bag in the freezer next to the eggs to make sure you have some on hand.

  58. I make mini quiche in muffin tins, and then we reheat those in the microwave while toasting an english muffin at the same time. Only takes about 3 minutes to put together. I put some finely chopped spinach in the mix and top them with cheese. A great breakfast for the kids!

    I can get eggs on sale for $1.99 and whole wheat english muffins for less than $4/doz so it’s a pretty inexpensive breakfast or lunch for the kids (pop it in a wide mouth thermos for their lunch).

    I am all about the muffin tin cooking. Perfect portion sizes and it’s easy!

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