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Kitchen Project Update

by Nick

When we bought our new house a few months ago, I loved the space in the kitchen, but wasn’t too thrilled with the colors. It’s not that they were bad, but they just weren’t our style.

I thought it looked really dark and the bars on the windows made me feel like I was cooking in a prison cell (plus they had no quick release so they were actually more of a danger than a help).

Finally, last weekend I finished off the last part of the things we wanted to do the kitchen. In total, we sanded and painted all the trim, painted the walls, re-caulked the windows and trim, and finally removed those bars!

It turns out security bars are, well, secure. I tried every drill bit and trick in Home Depot and finally just went with brute force to remove them. I borrowed a friend’s angle grinder and just cut the darn things off. This was fun and only slightly scary.

Anyway, I really love the space now (even with the electric stove which is a much larger project to replace).

The Links

No poll this week, but here’s some fun links from around the Interweb.

Hot Mess Dip - Oh this dip… how I want it. I can imagine chilling outside with a big baked dish of it, some crusty bread, a few beers, and nowhere to go. (@ White on Rice Couple)

Copycat Crunch Wrap - I’m not a huge fast food fan, so I’m always into making their stuff at home. My buddy Dan did a nice re-make of this new creation. (@ Tablespoon)

Coriander Chicken – Coriander (or cilantro if you’re using the leaves) is a divisive spice. To some people it tastes like soup, but to others (like me) it tastes like awesome sauce. So, I like this recipe very much. (@ PBS Food)

17 Ways to Use Strawberries - Not that you necessarily need other ways besides just eating them out of the carton… if you do want some fun ways to use seasonal strawberries, here’s a great list. (@ The Kitchn)

Have a great weekend everyone! If you need me, I’ll be NOT doing home projects.