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The Internet Kitchen: Pack Leader!

by Nick

A month or so ago I started watching The Best of The Dog Whisperer on Netflix. It started as a joke, but then I began to slowly realize that our dog, Porter, could use some extra  training. He has zero ability to control himself around other people or dogs and just kind of goes nuts.

He’s not aggressive. He doesn’t bite or anything, but he just gets very excited and wants to be all over you. Which is possibly aggression… Anyway, since we are moving to a city in the next month, we’ve been trying to do some training that will help him be more calm around people and other dogs.

We are sort of using the Cesar method of becoming a pack leader and not letting him dominate the world. So far it seems to be working and he is responding to it reasonably well. We are also using positive re-enforcement when he does good things so hopefully these two methods will produce some calm dog results!

We have a long way to go though!

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The Links

 Best Dog Biscuits - Maybe if Porter really becomes a very good boy, I’ll make these for him. Just maybe. (@ White on Rice Couple)

10 Food Rules Worth Breaking – I think I agree with most of these except maybe the butter in the pan. I don’t dig the nonstick sprays. (@ Amateur Gourmet)

Microwaved Sweet Potato Chips – I’ve struggled with sweet potatoes for my entire cooking life. Making baked chips and fries is damn near impossible. This method looks like a quick fix though, although still not perfect as noted in the post. (@ The Bitten Word)

Mini Strawberry Napoleons – These look like a perfect dessert for spring and I have a huge crush on puff pastry right now so these were really speaking to me. (@ Ezra Pound Cake)

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