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Email Switcheroo

by Nick

I’ve been running Macheesmo for almost five years now and for that entire time, I’ve been using Google’s Feedburner service to deliver my new posts via email and RSS feed.

Let me geek out for a second…

I loved Feedburner at the beginning. For starters, it was free which is always nice. Secondly, it was easy because it would just take my blog posts everyday and spit them out in email form to a list. It required zero additional time on my part. Super sweet.

But over the years I grew to hate it. It had no flexibility like I couldn’t choose to NOT send an email out for a post like this. It would email no matter what. I felt tied to it though because I had thousands of people signed up through that service to receive my emails.

I finally decided that enough is enough and over the weekend I started the process of migrating my email list to a new service that I love called Aweber (affiliate link).

The nice thing about this service is that it allows me to tweak the format of each email so I can make it nice and pretty before sending. It’s also much more reliable and has a good support service which is something that the Google service simply didn’t provide.

The Bad News

The bad news of this switch, and the main reason why I’ve been dreading it forever, is that it forces all of my subscribers to reconfirm their subscription.

A lot of people think it is just SPAM when they receive this confirmation email.

So, here is my official plea!

If you were getting email updates from me, and received an email from “Macheesmo” with the subject “Macheesmo Email Confirmation” over the weekend, please don’t ignore it!

All it takes is a second to click the link and confirm your subscription.

Making It Easy

If you don’t know if you were subscribed or not, but are interested in getting new posts (and occasionally offers that I only send out to email subscribers, like my free ecookbook), you can subscribe just by filling out the form below.  If you already are subscribed, it won’t sign you up twice so it’s a good way to check!


Click here if the form doesn’t load for you.

The Giveaway!!!

I realize this is a pain and you could probably care less what service I use to send out emails, so here’s my thank you gift.

If you CONFIRM your subscription using the email you should’ve received OR subscribe using the form above, you’ll be entered to win one of five $25 gift cards on Amazon.

It’s not a lot, I realize, but if you like what I write and subscribed anyway, it’s a quick way to possibly win 25 bones!

Thanks all and tomorrow I’ll be back with a recipe!