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The Internet Kitchen: The Playoffs

by Nick

Here’s an interesting fact that none of you probably care about: I made the playoffs in my fantasy football league!

This confirms once and for all that fantasy football is mostly luck because I have no idea what I’m doing and just got stuck with some solid players.

Anyway, I’m almost positive that my lucky run will wither in a heap this weekend. But hey… it’s been a fun ride!

Let’s talk food.

The Poll

I’ve been eyeing my neglected cast iron skillet recently.

The Links

Mind of a Chef – I’ve been watching episodes of this show for the last week or so now and I love it. Sure… David Chang can be a bit over the top sometimes, but that’s sort of the point. To be that good at one thing, you have to be kind of crazy. My favorite episode so far is “Rotten.” Watch them before they expire! (@ PBS)

11 Things Chefs Hate Making – This list just reminded me why I could never be a chef. While I wouldn’t mind doing any of the tasks on this list occasionally, doing them everyday would drive me nutso. (@ First we Feast)

10 Signs You’re in a Good Restaurant – All good tips to check out if you want some signals of restaurant quality before you sit down to eat. Also, I wrote a post a few years ago with 10 signs that your meal will suck. So those two together should get you there. (@ Amateur Gourmet)

Homemade Twinkies – I thought about trying to come up with a way to make these also, but got stuck on forming the cakes. Michelle solves that problem though. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

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