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The Internet Kitchen: Life’s a Beach

by Nick

Betsy and I are hitting the road today to spend a week on a North Carolina beach with her family.

It’s always a good time. We share a house with a few people and spend the week relaxing, eating, and drinking.

While I’m there I plan to cook a bit (obviously), bone up on my guitar, take some photographs, and finally finish the fourth book of Game of Thrones.

I’m trying to limit my computer time while I’m there so if you email me or comment, I may not respond immediately. I’m also posting a bit less frequently next week than I normally do – three new posts scheduled instead of the normal six. There’s some good stuff in those three posts though!

There’s no new poll this week because I’ll be using all my energy avoiding a sunburn.

The Links

The American Way of Eating - This is a guest post from the author of a new book. It’s short but really made me think and I’ll definitely be reading the book. It asks a simple question: Why do we treat healthy food differently from healthy water? (@ Ruhlman)

Canning 101: Sugar’s Role - This is important. I actually recently made a batch of stone fruit jam that turned out a bit on the watery side (not posting on it) and I think the reason might be because I cut back on the sugar. (@ Food in Jars)

Tomato + Burrata Salad - Stunning photos and definitely one of my favorite ways to enjoy super-ripe summer tomatoes. (@ Sprouted Kitchen)

Fried Okra - Every year in August, I can usually find big buckets of okra at my farmer’s market for about $1/pound. Last year I made some pickled okra with it, but this year I might just fry it all. (@ Ezra Pound Cake)

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Have a great weekend everybody! If you need me, I’ll be in the shade!

Photo by Virtual Photography Studio.