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The Internet Kitchen: New Condo!

by Nick

We bought a new condo this week!

Not for us, of course, but for our favorite black cat, Tipsy.

She’s had a rough year being constantly pestered and chased by the beast, Porter.  After a fairly fortunate weekend in Black Hawk a few weeks ago, I decided to spend some of the winnings on my baby girl.

Is it totally excessive? Absolutely.  Are there a million better ways I could’ve spent $70? Definitely. But the dog doesn’t bother her quite as much and she has left it for just a few hours over the last many days.

It’s possible that with this purchase Betsy and I moved solidly into the crazy-cat-couple category.

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The Links

Lemony Macaroni Salad - Since it’s official summer, you might be in the mood for a macaroni salad. If you’re like me, you might even more in the mood for a macaroni salad that doesn’t just taste like mayo-slop. This looks like the trick. (@ Crepes of Wrath)

Chile Colorado - This caught my eye because I live in Colorado. I’ve never heard of a chile colorado. It sounds perfect though especially if you happen to have some wild boar laying around… (@ Hunter Angler)

Why It’s Ethical to Eat Meat - A few weeks ago the NY Times had a kind of odd essay contest trying to answer the question on why it’s ethical to eat meat. Here’s the winner, but I also found this response to be interesting from a well-respected chef. (@ Ruhlman)

Dinner at French LaundryI’ve never been disciplined enough to take photos during a nice dinner, but I like to look at other people’s photos! (@ The Amateur Gourmet)

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Have a great weekend everyone!