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Tuesday Treats

Tuesday Treat: Grillin’ Days

by Nick

In honor of fixing my grill that I set on fire a few weeks ago, I wanted to do a fun Tuesday treat related to the grill!

After all, it’s summer time and hopefully you’ll get a chance to light up your grill (or make friends with someone who can) at some point soon.

The Giveaway

Most people have the simple grill tools like spatulas, brushes, and tongs, but there are some super-useful tools that a lot of people overlook.

At the top of my list these days is the grill pan.

It basically lets you grill all kinds of foods that might normally fall through the grates in your grill.  One of my favorite things to do is dice up some fresh vegetables and make a grilled salsa.

The pan is also awesome at grilling delicate things like fish.  It just makes it a lot easier to work with the food.

It’s one of those tools that you maybe don’t have, but once you do have it, you’ll find yourself using it ALL OF THE TIME.

I’m giving away THREE of these bad boys to you lovely readers.

Tuesday Treat Rules

Just a reminder about the Tuesday Treat rules.

The whole idea behind these giveaways is that they are quick. This contest will close at 7PM Eastern time tonight (Tuesday) and I’ll pick THREE winners at random. That means that you have just 12 hours to sign up.

Unfortunately, I can’t ship internationally so just U.S. entries please.

Those three winners will get this sweet grill pan!

How to enter?

It doesn’t get much easier. Just leave a comment and you’re entered!

If you happen to be reading this in an email, you need to comment on the actual post to be entered please.

Good luck everyone!

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Congrats to Kinsey, Lou, and Erika!  They are the winners for this Tuesday Treat.