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The Internet Kitchen: Obedience!

by Nick

Betsy and I have almost stopped having friends over at our house because Porter has lost his mind.

He gets so excited when new friends come over that he refuses to let them do anything other than play with him.

It’s a bad situation and after trying to train him on our own, we finally bit the bullet and paid the very reasonable cost to go to one of the dog training classes offered in the area.

We knew just how bad the situation was when we went to our first class this week and he was THE WORST dog in the class by a long shot.

If I were giving him a grade, it would’ve been a solid D- and that’s just because I refuse to fail my family.

He is learning quickly though and I have no doubt that in a few weeks he will be sitting and staying with the best of them!

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Homemade Lemon Curd - I’ve made lemon curd before as well and it’s shockingly easy. Another treat that would be great for an Easter brunch. (@ The Hungry Mouse)

Caipirinha Chicken Tacos - Dan is making drunk food this week and all the stuff looks great.  These guys especially caught my eye. (@ The Food in My Beard)

Brussel ‘Kraut - Sauerkraut made with brussel sprouts?!  Two things I love smashed together. (@ The Nervous Cook)

Saveur Food Blog Awards - Even though they left out yours truly, Saveur sifted through over 40,000 blog nominations and picked some great ones this year.  There are lots of new blogs on the list… not just the same old winners which I liked. (@ Saveur)

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