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The Internet Kitchen: Late Start Garden

by Nick

Last year I spent a good amount of time building some raised beds in my yard for a small garden.

This year I had to hold off on getting them ready and planting them due to my knee surgery.

I actually thought I would maybe just abandon the project this year, but a few weeks ago my knee was feeling pretty solid so I just decided to go for it.  I spend a few hours getting the beds ready with some new soil and a good friend was actually nice enough to replace my brick beds with awesome wooden beds.

I learned a lot last year about what will and won’t grow in my beds.  Nothing requiring a lot of sun will grow very well because the beds are in a section of yard that is pretty shaded.  So that means I’m not even trying to plant things like peppers or tomatoes this year.

I also switched from a row-based garden to a square foot garden.  So there are squares of each veggie instead of rows.

I’m planting lots of greens like spinach, arugula, and lettuce plus root veggies like radishes and beets, some peas and green beans, and a BUNCH of herbs.

Honestly my favorite part of my garden last year was the herbs just because I didn’t have to buy little packages of basil and stuff for many months during the summer.

I’m a bit behind on the growing season, but my stuff is starting to sprout!

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