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The Internet Kitchen: Fry Party!

by Nick

Every year I try to host a deep fry party in the fall.  I’ve posted on my fry parties twice (2009, 2010).  Last year it was a pretty big success and one of the attendees said, “Hey. Why do you only do this once a year?”

I replied that it took approximately 12 months for my arteries to recover.

But after some encouragement, we decided to do it again in the spring before it gets too hot.

So, this weekend is the weekend!  I’ll be setting up my fryer, making delicious fried chicken, and frying whatever people bring me.

It’s a guaranteed good time as long as there are no hot oil accidents!

The Poll

I’m sure I’ll need to recover from the fry party.  Pick something healthy for me!

The Links

Peanut Butter and Honey Ice Cream - It’s getting hot outside and besides ice cold drinks there’s nothing that I want more than a delicious bowl of ice cream.  I love this flavor combo. (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Applesauce Cake - I don’t have any preserved homemade applesauce but I do have some store-bought stuff that I just might put to use on this cake.  If you happen to can your own though, even better! (@ Food in Jars)

Food Fascism - This post gave me a headache.  Reading the comments gave me a migraine.  I get that there are legit food allergies out there, but I’m over the fad diet crap. Just eat real food, people. And be grateful if someone takes the time to prepare you a meal. (@ Ruhlman)

100 Ways to Cook with Beer - Because I need more reasons to buy beer… (@ Endless Simmer)

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Have a great weekend everybody!  If you need me, I’ll be pulling something out of the fryer!