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To Take For Granted

by Nick

If you’ve been reading Macheesmo over the last week, you know that I hurt my knee pretty badly last week playing basketball.

I had an MRI on Friday and get the results today actually (the MRI on the right isn’t actually mine).  The doctor was pretty convinced that I tore something major in my knee, like my ACL or MCL, and it’ll probably require surgery.

While I’m actually able to hobble around okay today, I know that I’m in for a long road ahead before I’m even close to back to normal.

Ironically, the one thing this injury has caused me to do is realize how lucky I am.

The Importance of Health

I’m not the first person in the world to make this revelation, but it’s pretty easy to take your health for granted until something happens to it!

Almost everything I do now requires extra effort and extra time.  Going to the grocery store, driving, taking the dog out, and even sleeping requires more effort than it did a week ago.

The crazy thing is that, as annoying as my injury is, it’s pretty small in the grand scheme of things.  I’m not bedridden.  I’m not on any crazy medications.  It will eventually heal.

When I think about it that way, I tell myself immediately to SUCK IT UP!

If you happen to have some sort of health issue, it could almost assuredly be worse.

If you happen to be healthy and happy, do everything you can to stay that way!

 Things I Took for Granted

It’s easy for me to get into a daily routine and forget about all the tiny pieces that must click together for my life to be as good as it is.

Then when a wrench got through into that routine, it made me start realizing how lucky I am for all the other pieces!

In other words, instead of thinking, “Crap.  I’m in for 6-8 months of pain and inconvenience,”  I started thinking about all of the other areas of my life that I have been taking for granted.

Here’s just a short list of some of the things I take for granted.

My Loving Wife - This injury is going to affect Betsy’s next few months almost as much as it will affect mine.  From small things like giving me the primo couch spot to larger things like possibly altering some travel plans we had later in the year, she will be affected by it.  At the same time, I obviously would have a much tougher time getting through it without her.

Having someone who loves you that you can lean on (literally) is really amazing.

Insurance - I’m so lucky to have good insurance.  Unfortunately, in America, it’s the only way you can get exceptional care without going bankrupt.  Obviously, we will have to pay some expense for the surgery and physical therapy, but without insurance I might not even be able to get the surgery.

Easy Access to Everything - We live in a pretty amazing time.  If I need almost anything, I can have it within a few minutes.  Even though I bitch about how my trip to the store now takes twice as long, I can still be there and back within the hour.  There are people throughout the world that travel for hours just to get clean water.

Technology I Don’t Understand - As as I was laying in the MRI tube last Friday, listening to piped-in classic rock music, I had this moment of crazy realization.  I was going to lay there for 30 minutes, with no pain experienced, and they were then going to be able to see a crystal clear image inside my knee.

That’s absolutely insane to me.  I had to immediately hobble home and research how MRIs work!

Not only do I take for granted my access to such technology, but I take for granted that it even exists.

The Internet - I could lump the Internet in with “Tech I don’t understand”, but I thought it deserved its own line.  Obviously the Internet will make my time on the couch much more entertaining (and allow for streaming Netflix), but more importantly, it allows me to work from home.  I take this for granted, but I’m pretty lucky to be able to just hobble into my home office and still work a full day.

Always the Optimist

When I look at that list and think about the dozens of smaller things that I didn’t include, I’m pretty freakin’ lucky.

Even if it means that my hopes of a NBA career are now officially dashed, this knee thing isn’t going to get me down.

I’m going to keep doing the things I love and keep working hard to advance my goals.

Are there things that you take for granted?  Leave a comment!

Funny MRI scan comic from asirap.