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The Internet Kitchen: Big Project Time

by Nick

I’ve mentioned it in passing a few times over the last month or so, but I’m almost done with a really enormous project.

As you might guess, it’s a cookbook and I’m really pumped about it.  I’ve been working on it for literally 16 months.

After some back and forth with a few publishers I chose to self-publish it for the time being.  I might write more about the process later, but in short, I was supposed to write “The Macheesmo Cookbook” because it leverages the branding of this site.

I wasn’t into that idea though because I don’t really feel like that makes for a useful book.  If I have a delicious recipe or two, I’ll just post it on the website as I’ve always done.  There’s no need for a cookbook in that case.

A good cookbook, in my opinion, needs to have a theme and actually help people cook more.  I really think that this book will do that.

Have no fear though, over the next month or so, you’ll hear plenty about this project.  The point is that right now I’m in final stages mode which is, frankly, frightening.

After so many months of it being this strange abstract idea, it’s now real.  I have a copy of it in front of me to edit.  There’s a website that exists.  The above photo is the unedited cover shot.

It’s going to happen.  I’m actually going to finish the damn thing.

The Poll

This week’s poll is straight out of the new Cook’s Illustrated!

A Few Links

Grapefruit Guacamole - I couldn’t agree more with Marc about store-bought guacamole. It tends to not be the best.  The idea of pairing guac with in-season grapefruits is something that absolutely never occurred to me.  Sounds really interesting though!  (@ No Recipes)

Burnt Eggplant Dish - It’s rare that the word “burnt” shows up in a recipe title.  It’s generally not a word that you want to describe your dish, but in this case it sounds pretty delicious.  In fact, I’m going to burn some eggplant tonight for a curry dish I’m making for next week! (@ Arugula Files)

The Grail of Cheese Pastry - I love me some Cheese-Its.  What’s not to love?  But they look like hockey pucks compared to these delicious looking pastries.  I can imagine eating approximately four thousand of these. (@ Delicious Days)

How Do You Not Weigh 500 Pounds? - This is a question that I get often.  The reality of it is that I follow the same rules that Adam lays out in this post.  I generally eat pretty healthy, but occasionally indulge. I think about my day with regards to meals. I exercise.  (@ Amateur Gourmet)

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Have a great weekend everyone!