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The Internet Kitchen: Sexy Subie

by Nick

After a few weeks of shopping and comparing, Betsy and I finally bit the bullet and snatched up a brand spankin’ new car this week.

While I’m SO not a car guy, I did actually have a lot of fun researching and negotiating the car.  We knew that we wanted a car that we could take into the mountains without getting stuck and also one that would do well on snow and after looking at a few different makes/models, we went with the Subaru Forester.

The angle in the photo makes it look a bit mini-vanish, but it’s actually a pretty slick ride… kind of like a sporty SUV.

We chose to go new for two reasons.  First, Subarus don’t really depreciate in value like some other models.  In the used markets, we were finding cars with 50-60K miles on them that were only a few thousand less than a new model!  Second, Subaru had a very low interest rate on new vehicles (.9%) and there’s no way we could get a rate that low on a used vehicle.

The car is sitting in my driveway now and has literally 25 miles on it.

I think I need to dirty it up a bit and go off-road or something. It’s too clean! Don’t tell Betsy.

I feel like I haven’t made any bread in a while so let’s bake some.  You pick!

And a few links!

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Have a great weekend everyone!