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The Internet Kitchen: A Car Hunt

by Nick

After living in Colorado for over a year, Betsy and I have finally decided that we need to upgrade a vehicle to a “Colorado” vehicle.  We have two cars, both without four wheel drive or enough storage space to really do anything.

So the plan is to trade the older one in for a gently used vehicle that will be a bit safer for us to drive in the winter and also allow us to easily camp, ski, and do all things Colorado.  Plus, we need a vehicle that makes it easier to haul around Porter.

I’ve spent the last week or two completely obsessing over various makes and models and have completely geeked out on some Excel spreadsheets that calculate the completely optimal financing situation accounting for price, interest rate, term of the loan, and age of the car.  And people say math is useless!

This weekend I’ll be hitting the streets to actually test drive some things.  I’m 90% sure that we are going to land on a Subaru.  They fit our needs nicely and seem to be the official car of Colorado.  I’m open to other options though.

For the poll this weekend, I wanted to circle back to one of my favorite cookbooks, The Zuni Cafe.  There are hundreds of recipes in it that span from super-simple to very complex.  I picked a few that looked good to me.  You pick!

A few links as always!

New Year’s Health Recalibration - A plan to push the reset button from one of my favorite health writers.  Will I be following this?  No.  But I’ll have it in mind!  You might have more willpower than me though… (@ Summer Tomato)

The Green SmoothieI’ve tried to make a bunch of green smoothies over the years.  Most make me seriously gag.  What I like about this one is the high level of fruit in it so you know it’ll probably have a good taste. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Candied Cucumber - Obviously pickles come from cucumbers, but I’ve never imagined you could candy the stuff.  I can think of one amazing application for these candied things: cocktails!  (@ Cupcake Project)

Chicken Fried Pork Pelly Caesar - It’s recipes like this that will break my above-mentioned weak willpower.  I mean… come on!  This is just amazing.  (@ Ruhlman)

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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