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The Internet Kitchen: Ziplist!

by Nick

Over the last few days I’ve been working to implement a new feature on Macheesmo that’s really cool.  It’s called Ziplist and lets you save recipes from Macheesmo and tons of other food sites in one place.

Here’s the rundown on how to use the new features!

For every recipe on Macheesmo (and a bunch of other great sites like My Baking Addiction, Two Peas and Their Pods, and Love and Olive Oil), there’s now an icon next to the print icon that will allow you to “Save” that recipe to your Ziplist Account.

The first time you press this “Save” button on a recipe, you’ll be prompted to create a Ziplist account.  You can either create a new account or use a login from a social media account like Facebook.  I just logged in with my facebook login and it took maybe 5 seconds.

Once your logged in, the fun starts.

Recipe Box

All of the recipes you save from any site will be placed in your “Recipe Box”.  The recipe box section is really clean and easy to use.  It’s the best version of this kind of software that I’ve seen by far.  I also love that it allows you to save recipes from a bunch of different great sites.  Here’s a screenshot of my recipe box!

Shopping List

If you’re going shopping, you can click on the recipes that you want to try out for the week and “Add them to your shopping List.”  The software will comb through the ingredients and spit out an easy ingredient list for you to use while you shop!

If you ever want to check your saved recipes or ingredient lists, you can easily do so from the “Recipes” menu in the top navigation.

So, if you’re looking for a way to save recipes for later, I think this is about as easy as it gets!

Ok.  Back to cooking!

The Poll and Links

For the poll this week, let’s pick something from the new Bon Appetit which looks really great.

No links this week because this post is long enough already…

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