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The Internet Kitchen: One Big Red Cookbook

by Nick

Since I write for, I was recently shipped a few copies of the new Betty Crocker Cookbook.

This cookbook is a pretty classic one.  I swear I remember some of the recipes from my childhood so it’s cool to see the book being re-released with a new format.  One thing that I love using this cookbook for is a jumping off point for recipes.

For example, I recently made a bourbon chili recipe on Tablespoon that used the Betty Crocker recipe as a starting point.  Since you know the base recipe is tried and true, it bec0mes easier to mess around with them and try to improve them.

This is a seriously big book and I don’t have room for two of them, so I’m giving one away. Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick someone at random today at 7PM Eastern Time and ship the book out to them, US residents only please!

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And a few links!

Three Musketeers Popsicle – For some unknown reason, I’ve never made popsicles.  But if I were to make a popsicle, this might be the first one I make.  Kahlua?  Cream?  Chocolate?  Frozen goodness?  I’ll take four.  (@ Endless Simmer)

Roasted Figs with Sage – Beyond this post having some of the best looking figs I’ve ever seen, the recipe also looks solid.  I’ll be completely honest that if I found figs this amazing, I’d probably just eat them raw, but roasting them is good too!  (@ White on Rice Couple)

Acorn Spaetzle – Anytime I want to see an interesting recipe with ingredients I don’t usually cook with, I swing by HAGC.  Hank is always cooking with unique stuff.  I’ve never really cooked with acorns, but I wonder if it would work equally well with chestnuts?  (@ Hunter Angler Gardener Cook)

Sardine Rillettes – I think most people don’t like sardines.  Most people are wrong.  Sardines are salty and delicious and I eat them every chance I get.  Some people might be weirded out by this recipe, but I could eat a vat of it.  (@ Simply Recipes)

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Have a great weekend everyone!  Start your weekend off right by maybe winning a classic cookbook!

UPDATE: The winner of the cookbook is BILL.  Congrats!