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The Internet Kitchen: McMarketing

by Nick

I’m kind of blown away by the response that the return of the McRib sandwich is getting.  McDonald’s is using such a classic marketing ploy and it just is so impressive to me how well it works.

Create scarcity for a thing and people will clammer for it.  Take away a sandwich, even if that sandwich tastes like soggy cardboard, and people will pay for it when you bring it back.  People will tweet about it, facebook it, and basically give free promotion just because it has returned.

Then, of course, they rip of off the menus and do it all over again next year.

If I were a psychology or sociology major in college, I would be writing my senior thesis on the freakin’ McRib sandwich.

Well, on Monday, I’ll show you how to make your own homemade McRib using fresh ingredients.  For less money.  And you can save time by freezing them.  So get pumped for that.

In the meantime, let’s do a poll this week!

And a few links!

Pork Stuffed Apple Rings - A crazy creation and one that I imagine catering companies would go nuts over.  A bit labor intensive, but probably worth it.  (@ TFIMB)

Raita - This is one of my favorite Indian sides.  I love getting the spiciest food I can get my hands on and a big bowl of this stuff. (@ David Lebovitz)

Baba Ghanoush - I’m on a bit of a Middle Eastern kick lately and this looked pretty tasty to me when it popped up in my RSS.  I also like saying it.  Baba Ghanoush.  Baba Ghanoush. (@ No Recipes)

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap - This is a really cool exchange that already has over 200 people signed up to participate.  I’ll be adding my name to the list also!  (@ Love and Olive Oil)

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