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Welcome to the New Macheesmo!

by Nick

Over the last few months, I’ve been working with a wonderful designer, Lindsay, from Purr Design to come up with a new layout for Macheesmo and it’s finally launched!

I must say that there’s something to be said for working with an expert.  Rather than trying to piece together random bits of knowledge and hundreds of Google searches like I did when I last redesigned the site, this time around it was a lot easier.

My goal for the redesign was to just clean up the layout and make it easier to read and interact with the content.  Hopefully you’ll all agree that it’s an improvement!

The Highlights

There’s a few really cool featured on the new site some of which will take me a few weeks to get fully up and running.

1) Archives! The recipes pages (check out the Appetizers page for example) on the new site are awesome.  There’s a nifty recipes dropdown that should make it a lot easier to find recipes based on category.  The pages themselves are really slick and formatted with thumbnails of each recipe.  Some of the thumbnails might not show yet, but they will over time as I go through and format the old posts for the new template.

2) Ingredients! The new ingredients page is exactly what I always wanted in an ingredients page!  I’ve tried to do a good job over the years at categorizing ingredients in recipes as I write them and that makes this slick page possible.

3) Shop! I’ve had a vision for a shop page on Macheesmo for awhile now and so I finally took the time to make one with this new design.  The page only has stuff on it that I’ve used.  If you ever buy something off of the page, then you help support the site also because I make a small percentage from each sale.

4) Printing! The recipes with the new format are finally formatted nicely.  Check out the pumpkin muffins from the weekend for an example on how the recipes will look moving forward.  Also, the printed version is cleaned up and shows just ingredients and directions and not the full post. (This was true on the old site also, but I think this version is even cleaner.)

The Lowlights

Any time you make a change to a website, there’s always a few snags.  I made the decision to move away from some of the old styling I was using on posts which, I think, in the long run will make the site a lot better as a resource.

In the short run it means I have to go back and reformat all the old posts!

As you might guess, this doesn’t thrill me, but it needed to happen and I’ve been putting it off for months.  While I’m doing this incredibly tedious process, I’m sure I’ll be cursing the fact that I’ve posted six times a week for three years.  But assuming I don’t jump off a cliff before I finish with the formatting, I think it’ll be worth it.


Of course, I’d love any feedback (positive or negative) that you have on the new design.  We worked hard on it and I want to make sure it’s humming along nicely.  If you notice broken crap or just stuff that looks wonky, I’d love it if you shot me a line or left a comment!