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The Internet Kitchen: Parenthood

by Nick

It’s been almost a week since we got Porter the Wonderdoodle and it’s been a really fascinating week. Some of my observations on new dog ownership:

Betsy and I have both had to rework our schedules to accommodate Porter’s needs (we don’t have a fenced in yard so we have to let him out regularly and stuff). While we are both pretty exhausted after our first week on the new schedule, I think we will adjust pretty fast and be firing on all cylinders.

Having a dog is like getting a very tiny glimpse into how I think our lives will be as parents. It interesting to see how Betsy and I handle punishment and rewards differently. It’s forcing us to communicate on issues which is challenging, but also fun. Granted, it’s probably a tenth of the work of having an actual human baby, but it’s a fun little glimpse.

I really enjoy training Porter. He’s making serious progress and I think he’s a very smart dog. I already have him sitting and laying down. We’re working next on some more advanced things like having him lay down on a specific spot (his bed) and ringing a bell when he needs to go out. I have no doubt he can learn both in a week or two.

Ask The Readers

Instead of a poll this week, I want to ask you all for advice. I want to try making some homemade dog treats/biscuits. If you have a good idea or recipe, leave a comment! I’ll pick one of them and make it instead of the normal poll recipe next Thursday!

And a few links

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Beef Cheeks Bourginion – I’ve made bourginion before but with roast basically. Beef cheeks are incredibly tender and I can see how they make this classic dish even better. Plus there’s a fun wine giveaway in the post if you comment by the end of Friday. (@ Tiny Urban Kitchen)

Vermontucky Lemonade – There’s not much better than sitting outside on a stoop or porch with an ice cold drink (or a pitcher of ice cold drinks). Lemonade is always a good choice to kill the heat, but you won’t hear any complaints from me if the lemonade happens to have bourbon in it. (@ Smitten Kitchen)

Have a great weekend everyone!