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The Internet Kitchen: The Beer Fights Back

by Nick

A few nights ago, Betsy and I awoke to what sounds like a gun shot in our living room. After peeling Tipsy, the cat, off of the ceiling we ventured out from our bedroom, almost certain to find a masked robber in our house.

We tiptoed out only to find… nothing. No broken windows or thieves.

After spending a few seconds in the living room, we both started to notice that it smelled distinctly like a frat house. Then it dawned on us.


Yep. That’s right. The beer that I bottled a few weeks ago was exploding. And I’m not talking, like, blow the cap off. I’m talking exploding bottles of glass shrapnel. It was pretty scary and also disappointing because I had to go all Hurt Locker on my beer and disarm them all by opening them. Don’t worry. I wore my racquetball glasses while doing it!

It’s a good thing I did too because a lot of them would’ve exploded. As you can see from the photo I took at midnight, when I opened the bottles they erupted like volcanoes.

I’m not positive what went wrong, but I probably mis-measured my priming sugar which is what carbonates the bottles. Oh well. Better luck next time!

How about a poll for the week?

And a few links, three of which happen to be delicious sandwiches!

Piquant Pulled Pork – This is actually a review of the Sriracha Cookbook. That’s right. An entire book devoted to one of the best sauces ever made. If all the recipes are like this one, I’m sold. (@ Matt Bites)

Indian Smokehouse Burger – Somebody needs to make this food truck happen! I know that Indian food doesn’t traditionally involve beef, but I’ll let it slide. Also, the comments in this post are pretty funny. (@ TFIMB)

Thai Chicken Sandwiches – I’m always a fan of a good sandwich if didn’t notice by my links this week. This is just a really original recipe that sounds delicious to me. (@ Healthy Delicious)

Cherry Coke Cupcakes – And for a complete change from the sandwich theme, here are some cupcakes! I’ve cooked with coke a few times, always with pretty solid success actually. I’ve never thought to put it in a cupcake! Very cool idea and awesome looking cupcakes. (@ Cupcake Project)

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be getting my garden ready for some planting!