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Around the Internet Kitchen: Bare Bones

by Nick

For the next week or so I’m living in a completely empty apartment. It’s kind of weird actually. Just me, an air mattress, Tipsy the cat, and some random stuff like my laptop, camera, and kitchen essentials.

It reminds me a lot of backpacking in the wilderness. Of course, I’m not as disconnected as I am in the wilderness but there’s still the feeling of vulnerability and nakedness when you’re in an empty apartment.

Also, I could throw an awesome apartment party right now. But I’m not sure that my landlord would love that and I want that security deposit back!

Instead of a poll this week, leave a comment if you want me to make a specific one-pot dish (or try to turn something into a one pot dish). I’ll pick something from the comments and make it next week!

A few links!

18 Gelati – So this would’ve been another way I could’ve captured my time in Italy. I think I had gelato everyday… sometimes twice. Betsy got sick of it but not me. I love my ice cream and it’s one of my infinite foods (I can eat as much of it as you put in front of me.) (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Deep Dish Pizza is Actually Pie – Ok. So the recipe in this post is awesome and is based on my deep dish pizza which is based on a Cook’s Illustrated recipe. But never mind all of that. What I want to draw your attention to in this post is the awesome ICEING that occurs. (@ The Food In My Beard)

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Nutella – It’s definitely pumpkin season and even though I don’t have a sweet tooth really (except for ice cream), this caught my eye and made me pretty darn hungry. I love many things about this recipe, but I really like the homemade crust. It’s the little things. (@ Vanilla Sugar)

S’More Doughnuts – I know. I said I don’t have a sweet tooth. For some reason though this week I do and I found myself drooling over recipes like this. I can’t imagine how many of these I could eat. Probably like a bajillion. (@ Tartelette)

Three Olive Tapenade – Ha! Not a dessert! The other thing I really miss about Italy already is the olives. So this caught my eye immediately. (@ Former Chef)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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