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Around the Internet Kitchen: Tying the Knot

by Nick

I think there was a bit of confusion, but I’m actually getting married this weekend. Like tomorrow. Like in 24 hours. Betsy and I have just been in Nashville all week planning for the day in question. So far it’s been a lot of work, but we should get some time relax and enjoy the weekend from here on out.

Thanks again to Sarah, Ken, and the ladies from Heathcliffs Package for writing up some wonderful guest posts while I was dealing with wedding logistics.

A few links from the week!

How Does Your Garden GrowThis was a pretty inspiring post given that I live in a small apartment. I could totally make this happen. Maybe once I get back home I’ll give it a shot for the spring time. (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Banana Puddin’ - Banana puddin’ is one of my favorite desserts actually and I’ve never made it from scratch. I’ve always just used the package stuff which is delicious but probably not as good. (@ I Shot the Chef)

Asparagus Soup – There’s not much like a great asparagus soup for spring time. Great writing, photos, and recipe as always! (@ Food Loves Writing)

Carnitas Mac and Cheese – I made carnitas a few weeks ago and they were delicious. If I would’ve had leftovers, I totally would’ve made this even though it’s from my rival. (@ The Food in My Beard)

Have a good weekend everyone! I’ll be back on Monday with a new post.

Photo by Caucas’.