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Around the Internet Kitchen: Sponsors!

by Nick

Over the last few months, I’ve been playing around with different ad networks for the few ads I display on Macheesmo. I try to keep ads unobtrusive and ideally they would be useful. I’ve noticed over the last few months though that sometimes the ads being served have been neither of those things.

The spot where this bothers me the most is the top right ad space on the site (LOOK TO THE RIGHT OF THIS PARAGRAPH!). Because it’s so prominent, I hate it when “Get Thin Fast” ads from Google show up there.

So I’ve decided to start selling that sponsorship space which gives me more control over what’s shown there. You might still see some other ads throughout the site, but as always I encourage readers to shoot me an email if they see an ad that they find in bad taste. I do my best to filter them.

So, I’m excited to announce the first sponsor ever here at Macheesmo, Berkshire Grain! They’re a great small company in Massachusetts producing some healthy and tasty organic granola. So check them out! They have a set-up to give Macheesmo readers a discount and free shipping on orders for a limited time.

See folks… reading Macheesmo does pay off.

In other news, there’s supposed to be an epic snow storm in DC this weekend, so…

A few links…

The Ugliest Fruits – Looks don’t matter! It’s whats on the inside that counts right? Maybe… but these are some ugly fruits. (@ Huffington Post) PS. I’m always amazed by the range of stuff on Huffpo. Sometimes I think they’re a legit news source and sometimes they run stuff like this…

How to Wrap and Store Cheese – I figured that there was probably a better way to do this than the method I use which is… don’t worry about and assume I’m gonna eat it before it goes bad. The method is a bit of work, but probably worth it if you’re an expensive cheese lover. (@ Serious Eats)

Pancake Ice Cream and Bacon Candy – What?! This is insanity. And by insanity I mean that it’s something that I want immediately. A great guest post by Karen from Off the Meat Hook. (@ Thursday Night Smackdown)

Super Bowl Sunday Grub – If you’re at a loss for what to make for the big game this weekend, this is a fantastic start! (@ Kayotic Kitchen)

Have a great weekend everyone and go Saints?!