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Around The Internet Kitchen: The Code of It All

by Nick

For the last two weeks or so, I’ve been spending some spare hours trying to upgrade Macheesmo to a new WordPress Theme. It’s one of those semi-thankless parts of blogging. I want some of the new functionality with the latest WordPress (like the ability to respond to individual comments), but that means I had to change themes.

This might be all gobbledygook to some of you, but if everything went as planned (it didn’t) you would notice no changes visually on Macheesmo, but it would just have some slick new functionality. Turns out though I forgot a few things while testing it and some areas do look a bit different. And not in a good way. So if you see something that looks wonky, sorry. I’m gonna try to get to it this weekend. If you see something that doesn’t work at all(like you click a link and it breaks), please please please email me.

Enough computer speak. Let’s cook some food.

And some links as always!

Not Too Much. Mostly Plants. A friend and reader sent me a new food blog (yes another one) this week. Her goal is pretty straightforward – Stick to Michael Pollan’s rules for a year and document it. Will she succeed? Who knows. She takes pretty solid photos though and is humorous. What more could you want in a food blog that doesn’t rhyme with Blacheesmo? (@ Not Too Much. Mostly Plants)

The Best 11 Foods you Aren’t Eating. A list of some foods that are good for you that I guess the average American doesn’t eat. I think almost all of them have made a Macheesmo appearance before and two of them did just this last week! (@ NY Times)

My First Madeleines. Not my first ones obviously. I’ve never tried them. But Nicole’s first ones. I must say I would have to give her a grade of A+ based on photos only. If I had one of those nifty madeleine trays, I’d be making these suckers. (@ Pinch My Salt)

Have a good weekend everyone and guess what! If you leave a comment on this post, I will totally reply to your comment individually just to show off my new comment functionality that took me two weeks to achieve.