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Around the Internet Kitchen: Game Time!

by Nick

Betsy and I are going to our first ever Redskins game this weekend. Actually, it’s my first ever NFL game so I’m pretty excited. We are playing the Broncos which should mean that we get blown out of the water given how good they are this year and how absolutely horrible the Skins are.

But that’s okay. It should be a good time.

I’m working on a lot of Thanksgiving posts, but thought I would ask you guys what kind of appetizer I should make.

A few links!

Eating in the Matrix – A great analogy for some of the “food” we eat and purchase. Is it really food? How do you define food and why is it important to eat it? This is a great post. (@ Summer Tomato)

Shrimp and Grits – I used to work at a restaurant that served kind of upscale southern food. The shrimp and grits were probably the most popular dish on the menu and with reason. This version looks pretty tasty. (@ Ezra Pound Cake)

Food Photography 101 – I take a lot of photos here and it’s all self-taught by reading good material like this. Anyone can take good food photography with just a little knowledge and practice in my opinion. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Homemade Ricotta – I really like this walkthrough on homemade ricotta but also check out the most adorable fluffy cat in the whole wide world (except Tipsy). Pushkin is the cutest. (@ Sassy Radish)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Photo by littlerottenrobin.