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Around the Internet Kitchen: Podcast Edition

by Nick

I walk to work everyday which is actually a part of my day that I really enjoy. It’s about a 25 minute walk so I get some exercise and some fresh air. Fresh for the District of Columbia anyway…

I spend most of my day sitting and typing or sitting and reading so strangely enough my commute has become a relaxing ritual for me.

Well, unless it is raining. Then it’s pretty horrible.

While I’m walking I try to block out some of the city noise by listening to music, but lately I’ve began listening to more and more podcasts.

Here are a few of my favorite podcasts these days:

This American Life
NPR – Planet Money
NPR – Talk of the Nation
DJ Deedle (my friend’s weekly DJ mix podcast)
Personal Finance Hour with J.D. Roth (Just started listening to this, but J.D. writes one of my fave blogs.)

You’ll note that there is a pretty big void of food podcasts there. That’s because I haven’t found one I like! I’m digging podcasts these days though so please comment if you know of any good ones – especially food/cooking related ones.

How about some links!

The Real Price of Cheap FoodA great and thorough article discussing the real costs of all that cheap food we eat. (@ Time Online)

Grilled Fig Bruschetta - This sounds like a pretty perfect appetizer to me. Ok. Actually, I could probably eat enough of these guys to make a meal out of it. (@ Recipe Girl)

Best Baked Beans Ever – Her title not mine, but they do look pretty darn good. I was thinking that they might be a bit too sweet for my tastes, but the baking with bacon at the end is so excellent. (@ The Pioneer Woman)

Have a good weekend everybody!