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A Letter to Mr. Obama

by Nick


Let me start by saying thanks for the party this weekend. DC has been a lot of fun and it is largely because you have had such an open and fun inauguration. So thanks again.

The concert on Sunday was especially cool. In case you were curious where I was standing (I’m sure you were wondering), this is a photo I took looking toward the stage:


And looking behind me… please ignore the disgruntled faces. I promise we were all having fun.

Once you get all settled in you obviously have a lot of work to do, but I think you should take a few minutes to enjoy your new crib and relax with one of these:



You seem like a bourbon kind of guy although I’ve never met you in person. Nothing like an Old-Fashioned to really get relaxed. It is one of my favorite cocktails and I’ve had a few of them this weekend in your honor so I thought I would share how to make one in case you have an itch.

All you need is some good bourbon, sugar, maraschino cherries, an orange, and some bitters if that is your thing. Add a few cherries, and a slice of orange with the sugar and muddle them together with the back of your presidential spoon or something. Fill the glass with ice, add a few drops of bitters, and 2 ounces of your preferred bourbon.

Maybe make one for Michelle too.

If you are more of a visual guy, this might help:


Not that I’m saying you should drink a lot or anything, but a good stiff drink might help you every once in awhile.

Good luck the next four years (and maybe eight!)